Mountain House Freeze-Dried Food 6-Packs

Was chili mac an option? I see it listed under “features” but it’s not on the drop down. Beef stroganoff is greyed-out in the dropdown, so I’m assuming if chili mac had sold out too, it’d still be listed there anyway, correct?

I likes me some chili mac on the trail :slight_smile:

Chili Mac shown as an option, but then not listed in drop down selection. Typical move.

Sorry guys, no Chili Mac.

Inside scoop: Buyers add the sales to events then the inventory team adds the “Available to Sell” numbers. Sometimes an item will come back as sold out. That’s when we end up with something like this where it’s listed but not available.

I have had this brand before and thought they were decent for backpacking. My question on this offer is its pricing. Is this a significant saving over other retailers?

Looks to be a savings of 12-14$(not sure on shipping/taxes) compared to REI. These packs are $8/ea.