Mr. Beams Motion Sensor LED Path Lights

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Mr. Beams Motion Sensor LED Path Lights
Price: $54.99 - 79.99
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Condition: New


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You lost me at 4 C batteries. Make it a 6 pack of solar lights and I’m in. Until then, I’ll keep my C’s for my bra.

If only they had these on the Moors, my dear old granny might have nevr been attacked and killed by that werewolf. Until they do, remember, “Stay off the Moors!”

I’m saving my C batteries for Jillian’s bra too!

You’ll spend a fortune in batteries for these! :o

Seriously! I’m no math whiz, but 6 lights x 4 batteries each being changed every week is over 1300 batteries a year! What am I missing here?

The lights operate with motion detection. Will be on for less than five minutes unless they are on a well traveled path. Batteries may last up to two months.

The name of the product says it’s model MB592. In the “Specs” tab it says the item model number will be MB594 or MB596.

So, which is it?!?

Nevermind, looks like the model number differences apply to the amount of lights.

I’ve purchased a couple of Mr. Beams motion lights in the past. One good rain and they’re dead. Call their customer service number and nobody answers, leave a message and they don’t return calls. Might as well set your money on fire for some temporary light.

I’ve had some Mr Beams floods that take 4 D cell batteries since December and haven’t had to change the batteries yet. One is activated at least twice a night. Uncovered in FL weather and still working great.

the batteries last a long time. i have the motion lights that use 3 C’s and in many I have AA eneloops with C spacers and i only have to replace/recharge like 3-4 times a year.

I was about to post the same thing. I got the Imedian by Powerex 2400 mAh ready to use batteries that are as good if notbetter than the Eneloops. I also have the smart charger that can fast charge two at a time in an hour and will drain and recondition four at a time in about 4 hours. They areon Amazon and I’ve seen them elsewhere for about a buck each.