Mr. Beams NetBright Motion-Sensing LED Spotlight

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Mr. Beams NetBright Motion-Sensing LED Spotlight
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How is this mounted? Is it a plate that gets screwed to a wall and the light snaps on the plate? Any pictures on mounting them? Thanks!!!

I found this on the amazon reviews customer pictures.

Looks like you mount the plate towards the right in the picture, then slide the light into the mounted plate.

Reminds me of that scene from Dumb & Dumber…

Each light requires 4 D batteries. That’ll be fun to replace every few months. If only we had the technology to use the power of the sun to recharge batteries …

I got one in the New Years BOC. I really like it. It’s never dark when I walk in the door now. No fumbling with keys. I’ve been running it in a main doorway since January and still haven’t had to change the batteries. I’m buying another one to put up on my other walkway.

I have another motion light from this company and I am 18 months in now on one set of batteries.

Any way to tell if these are new & improved? My old ones are TERRIBLY designed…When they batteries begin to lose power, the stupid light comes ON & OFF CONSTANTLY until the f’n batteries are DEAD. You know, to alert you to the batteries beginning to lose power. Dumbest design of almost any product I’ve purchased in the last decade or so.
So…at first sign of the batteries going bad, the light will CONTINUALLY turn off & on until they ARE completely drained. Insane.

Own a newer car with a factory alarm? When the battery starts dying the horn goes off over and over again. (some flash the lights too) 4 D cells is far less annoying to deal with vs. the battery in your car.

Many locations are not appropriate for solar. Your post is like complaining that a Prius is terrible for street racing, or that a Veyron gets poor gas mileage.

Maybe buy the product that fits your requirements. Those that don’t aren’t bad. They’re simply not for you.


THEY HAVE THE AUDACITY TO COMPLAIN ABOUT NO QUALITY POSTS WHEN THEY JOKE? Too soon boys, Too soon. The World is still Mourning the passing of “Hollywood Tough Guy” Rowan Atkinson, Mr. Bean. Taken from us all too soon at the incredibly early age if only 63!

can’t tell if serious or joking.

(atkinson ain’t dead)

This is akin to the plethora of sock reviews on Amazon–useless without telling us your foot size and activity type. Or in this case your typical level of usage.

What is the ‘range’ of the light to light communications?

Mr Beams is da bomb! I’ve use a lot of similar products from a lot of companies. These actually do what’s expected, and work day after day with very little battery drain. Highly recommended.

Mine is doing that and I could not figure out why it was going off and on…thanks for the info…Might buy one of these newer models…The old ones do work great… I had one out all winter long buried in the snow and it still works great…lol

Yes - if only Woot would sell something like that…

I have rechargeables in mine (older model light, same brand) and replace them ever three to four months. Not a big deal.