Multi-Piece Art Sets (4 Styles)

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Multi-Piece Art Sets (4 Styles)
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do these have hanging string at the back? otherwise a pain to get straight?

What’s the total width?? Either assuming they’re right next to each other, or with maybe an inch between pieces horizontally… Please specify, if you can answer this question.

(And yes, I could probably figure this out, but I just hosted two birthday parties for my four year old today - please cut me a little slack. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Total widths: 98 inches

Of course, that dinky one doesn’t count, because it hangs below the first one…

Smallest is 12" wide, so: 98 - 12 = 86 inches

Plus 3" between: 86 + 3 = 89 inches

Disclaimer: I am not a mathematician, nor do I play one on TV. These figures are intended for entertainment purposes only. You will not find these answers in the back of the book. YMMV.

You are better and braver than I!

The specs say sawtooth hangers. I looked at the JPG of the directions, and the diagram supports that - says you should put the nail 1/2" below the top edge of each picture.

According to the jpg of the instructions, the dimensions are 72" x 24" not including spacing.

looks like 86" wide

Looks like we have discrepancies on the total width. The Instructions are actually correct (72 inches). a couple of people have tried to add up the measurements and arrived at a different figure (86 inches, without spacing). The problem is, the measurements are listed as if each frame was intended to be hung in the landscape orientation (largest dimension is width), but actually, a couple are intended to be hung in a portrait position (largest dimension is height). So, based on that, the adjusted measurements should be…

10h x 26w
24h x 18w
18h x 10w
8h x 18w
(plus 5h x 12w that doesn’t affect width)

Final answer 72 inches wide plus spacing.
Hope that helps…

From the features tab “Uses sawtooth hangers”.

Thanks! To you, and to all who tried to save me from my own math last night - I appreciate it!

dang, these are cool looking. Especially the black and white ones.

I was doing some research and looking to see where else they were sold and found them on Amazon. They have a regular listed price (on amazon) of $149.99. That’s $50 less than the regular price listed here! Amazon is also selling these on Prime for $111.03. So if you buy it here on Woot you’re saving $26. Not that great of a deal in my opinion. I was almost sucked into buying with the “60% off list price” but now I think I will wait.

If it’s something that you want, then it’s a good deal because it’s less than any other price online.

Agreed. Just a little misleading with the higher listed price and % off. I just dont “want” it as much now because it’s not that great of a deal.