MyPillow Corded Classic Pillow, 2-Pack

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MyPillow Corded Classic Pillow, 2-Pack
Price: $53.99 - 56.99
Shipping Options:: $6 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Oct 04 to Friday, Oct 05) + transit
Condition: New


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7/12/2018 - $52.99 - 56.99

I purchased these a few years ago. The standard, medium. After about 6 months I found all the foam bits moved left and right of my head and fluffing it in the dryer no longer helped it. I would not buy another set at this price. The Woot price does not seem to far off the retail price on this one either.

I purchased these a few years ago directly from the company and ended up sending them back. I found them to be hard and uncomfortable (even though I had selected their “soft” version) and woke up in the morning with my neck and shoulders aching. As soon as I stopped using these pillows, the aching stopped. Based on my experience, I would not recommend these pillows.

I bought two of the high end firm pillows from Woot about a year ago. I thought it would be firm enough that I wouldn’t need to sleep on two pillows. Not so. Wouldn’t buy them again.

We won’t tolerate any political talk here (had to delete several political comments for those who are just checking in). There are other forums that are meant for talking about “Everything but Woot.” Keep this about the pillow please.

Worst. Pillow. Ever.
You are better off sleeping with a sack of rocks under your head!
And don’t try on collecting on the “warranty.” You will be expected to fill out a form as long as your arm, and give away your first born.

I have a slightly different version of the MyPillow in firm and I love it.

Yes, it feels lumpy to the hand but once I lay on it, I don’t notice it. I can squish and fold it. All I have to do is fluff it up and it’s ready to go.

I’m a side sleeper.

I have a few of these. They are great. I left one at a hotel on a trip and immediately bought another. For a side sleeper like myself, I haven’t found anything better.
Now full disclosure you will need to fluff them nightly and wash them regularly. (which I hope you are already) If so they should serve you well.
Sadly manlapig, I am concerned the haters have just camouflaged their politics as a bad review. I wonder how much overlap they have with Lady GaGa fans. :slight_smile: