Neato XV-12 All Floor Robotic Vacuum

Wasn’t this just $279? I have one and it works well and is very easy to use. It is a truly amazing device!

Nope, same price it’s always been.

Would it be worth shelling out large amounts of money for this, or waiting for a roomba? My friends have the iRobot and say it works great, but I don’t know if I really have a preference on brand if they’re comparable…

Isn’t the XV-12 model basically the same as Costso’s XV-14?

They are both $300, and each offer 6 Replacement Brush Blades and 1 Replacement Squeegee Blade. Woot does offer an extra filter (4 Replacement Filters to Costco’s 3 Replacement Filters). But still, free shipping with Costco makes this Woot seem like not such a good deal :frowning:

299 today for posterity

399 dollars over at amazon with over a 4 star average on the reviews.

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Neato Quick start guide

I’ve commented on this before, but I’ll do it again - I’ve had the Roomba in the past, and I currently own the Neato, and for my family the Neato is FAR superior. It has much stronger suction, and can transition from my hardwood floor to a shaggy rug with no problem. My Roomba could not. We have a long-haired cat and her fur is everywhere. After running the Neato, the dust cup is completely full of cat fur, dust, etc. The brush on the Roomba would get all clogged up with the fur, and I had to clean out the brush every time, which didn’t make it such a “robot” after all, since I had to do a lot to keep it running. The Roomba’s motor eventually couldn’t take all the fur and died. If you have pets or a particularly hairy family (ha!), go for the Neato.

Thank you for this! I have a long haired 70lb dog who is constantly shedding and she’s the primary reason I’m wanting to get one of these. I guess I’ll go ahead, cringe (I hate spending large amounts of money on something that I hope will work!), and click the big gold button! :slight_smile:

Wait for a roomba. i have had both. roomba is much better. This thing is louder than roomba (sounds like a damn airplane) but does not necessarily pick up better. Its afraid of walls so none of the edges get cleaned. It gets confused if you move something in the room while its cleaning. I will buy roomba next time.

Price was dropped to $279, and was posted by you.

[MOD: That’s for the XV-11. We’re selling the XV-12 today.]

I got one of these about 6 months ago, when it came up on Woot. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my floors. It runs very well, almost entirely self sufficient. It’s the most vacuuming I’ve ever been involved with in my life. The only issue I’ve had is if it runs out of juice, you have to reset the internal clock, or it doesn’t know what day it is and the scheduled cleaning wont happen. Is it worth $300? Abso-friggin-lutely.

Unimpressed. Did buy a work one for my wife. It never makes if to its base. It’s filters clogged daily and then the battery dies as its stuck and you have to reset date and time. Not remotely a Roomba.

You can’t fool me! That’s for the XV-11 and we have an XV12 on sale today!

Now I think someone owes Her Thighness an apology. :tongue:

Aren’t the XV-11 and 12 the same anyway…

The real difference is 4 filters vs 1 and the squeegee/brush blades. You’re getting those for $20

Is this new or refurbished? I can’t seem to find it in the description…

It’s right at the top, where it always is:

Neato XV-12 All Floor Robotic Vacuum
$299.99 $599.99 50% off List Price
Condition New

It’s new. To tell:

New items have a list price. Refurbished will say Refurbished instead of a list price.

On the next page (click I want one), it will say New or Refurbished under the title.

i got one of these a few months ago to give it a try in my new house. Our new couches and chairs all have a tall gap between the floor and the bottom of the chair, so i figured a robot would be good. I took the advise of reviews everywhere and got the Neato over roomba.

I love it, and so does the wife. It handles everything we throw at it. We have 2 long haired cats, and the hair ball tumbleweeds, but since we got the neato its all gone now. We don’t have it running on a schedule yet, but when we step out for errands we just hit the go button.

No problems at all out of the box. Ours was shipped with relatively new firmware. If you are having problems, try updating it first before posting bad reviews. Do your part… if it could update itself it may relize it doesn’t need humans anymore!

I’m on my third refurbished unit, the first two were stuck constantly, even in the middle of the floor with nothing around. This one is not much better, and now says it has a fatal battery error. First was a 12, second was an 11, current one is a 12. Still waiting to hear from Woot about returning it. Maybe new is the way to go?

We have two 55lb dogs and this vacuum is awesome! Transitions from our hardwood floors to area rugs, over the transition piece onto our tile kitchen floor, down the hallways, into rooms and when its done, goes right back to the base. I only wish the dirt bin was larger since we don’t always remember to run it daily and we don’t use the auto-run feature (our toddler is terrified of it, but our dogs couldn’t care less about it). If we don’t run it for a few days, the bin fills up pretty easily.

You will still need to run a real vac once a week or so, especially on the rugs, but for a daily sweep, this thing is great.