Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy - Random

Has anyone had any experience with Neato Refubs?

1SaleDay always sells them but with their horrible shipping times, always stayed away.

I did not know the pet/allergy version came in a different color?

I have a three plus year old v11 and have been happy with it. I am on the third set of batteries though and have to razor blade off hair that gets twisted on the motor about every six months.

We’ve had this unit for about 2 years, around a year in the first one stopped working properly out of nowhere. They promptly sent us a replacement unit, possibly one of the most painless/friendly customer service experiences we’ve ever had. The device itself does a great job, tidies up our first floor.

Think hard before purchasing. They have NO in house repair service. Mine lasted 13 months, the board died, and they offer NO REPAIR SERVICE!!! What a waste of money!!!

Bought mine 6 months ago. Loved it for 5 months until the dreaded right wheel stuck error. Returned it (fantastic neato customer service!) but the replacement immediately had a battery error and would not run. Returned it. Number 3 is working so far. I still recommend the neato, but I would buy it from wal-mart and get the 3 year warranty. Until they fix the issues I dont trust the 1 year factory warranty to be enough for your money.

I absolutely love my Neato (xv-11 with pet/allergy upgrade kit)! My main issue with it would be the batteries - I’m on my third set in two years, so that’s pretty annoying. They may last about 8 months at best in my 2000ft house, with somewhat thick carpet pile. But I do run it 5 or 6 days a week, depending on whether I’m home or not on that sixth day. About a week ago, my poor Neato took to getting confused getting back to its base, and would sit a foot away from it asking to be recharged because it can’t find the base. Each time, I would pick it up (with my hands holding the wheels in so that it wasn’t aware it was off the floor), and set it back down on the base, and it would recharge and go back to where it left off. It hasn’t done that for the last few cleanings, but every once in a while it has a bad streak of getting lost. I’m seriously debating getting this unit for a backup since it’s about $150 less than what I paid for mine (including the pet/allergy upgrade)!

You get a 2 pack of batteries for the the Neato because it uses 2 little ones at once, instead of 1 big one. That Kohls deal is good though - I paid $65 to Crucial Vac via ebay. I also have 2 500 series Roombas and they do great with ebay batteries at about $35 each. My latest battery is about 6 months old and runs the roomba for about 90 minutes if I unplug the base and run it down. These 2 were bought in 2008 and still run daily, upgraded to the new style bins and CHM’s at about $90 each - huge improvements. I do like the roombas.

The Neato has ongoing issues with getting lost, wanting the path cleared when nothing is in the way, and sometimes insisting on turning into a wall or furniture, when it could go straight or left and have nothing in the way. It also gets tangled up on area rugs that the Roomba cruise over like nothing. I continue to run it because it does run around the room and pretty much fill the bin, but to actually do a complete cleaning, with a reharge in the middle, is a rare occurance. In the first year I had 3 warranty replacements from Neato, and they got nasty about it as time went. They resisted replacing a warranty replacement that arrived DOA, sparred with them for a month.

I would not buy another unless it was new and under $100. Nice concept, needs problems worked out.

I have always wanted on of these but my house has no carpet, it is all hardwood. Does anyone have any experience with these on hardwood floors? We have a very shaggy cat and have balls of fur all over as a result. Plus I feel like this thing would give our cat a bit of entertainment while we are gone.

With regard to warranty–any idea if I’m better off buying this one from Woot, or a used one from an Amazon seller?

I just tried out a Neato XV-11 that my friend had before purchasing this one today. We also have hardwood and 2 dogs that shed (a lot!). I was really impressed with how well it did even without the Pet/Allergy package. There was no pet hair left on my hardwood floors after running it!

I really would like to purchase this, but I can’t bring myself to do it without getting a response from woot in regards to a defect in a projector I got over a week ago…

Jeez, I’m sorry you haven’t heard back yet. I’ve forwarded your info along; you should get a reply soon.

Given all these problems with Neato vacuums, if I get the XV-21 today I’d want an extended warranty.
Woot has a link on the page to a 1-year protection plan from Square Trade? Does anyone have experience with that? Is that like a warranty?

Square Trade handles extended warranties for lots of products. I have extended warranties with them for my TV and my vacuum. I’d recommend it if you want an extended warranty. Check out their website if you want to learn more. :slight_smile:

I appreciate it!

Purchased. Hope this thing lives up to its potential!

No problemo and let us know what you think when it arrives!

I received it today. Got a navy one and it looks really sharp. He’s charging up now and can’t wait for the inaugural clean!

Guys you shipped an XV-11. What’s up with that? Please read the model numbers in future.

Used my vac for the past two days and could not be happier. Will buy another when they become available on Woot. THanks so much for the great price!!!