Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy (Scratch and Dent)

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Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy (Scratch and Dent)
Price: $159.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Apr 13 to Tuesday, Apr 14) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Pretty good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at

WOOTERS! It’s time for the Neato reviews and the Neato vs. Roomba discussions.


I got three of these bad boys last time they were on woot. They work even better than I thought they would. Pretty shockingly impressive, actually. They sometimes get stuck here or there… But who cares? My house has never been cleaner and I don’t have to do anything but empty a little bin! I did have to send two of the three back to Neato mothership for battery issues, but their customer service was very good. One warning: if you have a dog who isn’t 100% reliable with his potty habits be very cautious about the scheduled cleaning. And I think that’s about all we need to say about that.

I have indoor dogs that shed. This Neato gets under the bed & furniture & does a fantastic job. I wish I would have gotten this years ago!
It is not as loud as other vacuums I’ve used, the animals are not afraid of it at all. This is my newest “must have” item!
The floors are so clean I feel comfortable walking barefoot again! It vacuums tile and carpeting equally well.

I had a roomba a few years ago but have to say I like the Neato better. I almost wish I had a dog to challenge the little buggar more. Does a great job on my hardwood and carpet.

They both suck. How’s that?

My “refurb” arrived DOA and with a half a DIRTY Q-tip in the collection bin. Speaks volumes on their “refurb” process, eh? [Woot took it back and Squaretrade canceled my extended warranty.]

Carefully examine the 4 and 5 star mothership reviews for ones that have been ammended a few months later.I’m sure it varies, but when you add the legitimate 1 and 2 stars and the ammended 4 and 5 stars, it is not a pretty picture. Of course, it only takes one lazy refurb person to mess up a lot of units and damage a reputation.

Found a used, working Roomba for $20 and it is OK. But the age of home robots is still not upon us. These are the Commodore 64’s of home robots.

Aaawwww man! I just broke down and bought a new vacuum cleaner after 21 years. Was burned by a short-lived Roomba from Woot in 2009 (yes, I’ve been buying that long), but would have been willing to give this a try if I didn’t just shell out $$.

I noticed there’s not a side brush. How much does that impact its ability to clean?

I popped my Woot Cherry back in July 2006 with a Roomba purchase. Ended up giving it to my daughter in law. It constantly got caught up on my wood vent covers. Bought a Dyson on Woot the following March and still love it to this day. HOWEVER…received this exact Neato for Christmas 2014. It was a new unit and not a refurb !!! I have a large ranch home…all hardwood and ceramic, two small dogs and am a bit of a clean freak. I turn the Neato on each night before bed and wake each morning to clean floors.
It goes back to charging station 95% of the time. I use soap on the filters about once a week. Have not had battery issues yet, but have only had unit for 3 1/2 months.
I have recommended this to all my friends. May get this Woot offering for my daughter…

One thing I didn’t fully realize when I bought this, you have to have a few feet of blank wall space near an outlet for this to live. You’ll also learn to pick things up off the floor, important if you have kids that forget to cleanup after themselves. Other than that, these things are life changers.

Bought one on the last round. It worked relatively well the first time but then got the infamous stuck wheel message. After talking to their tech support and going through a 3 day process (charge, discharge, unplug battery, etc) it still does not work. Not what I expected for the money I paid. From what I read online the message happens quite a bit on these models and was supposed to be fixed on the refurbished models.

Waste of money and time. I bought the Neato vacuum from Woot and ended up purchasing a new set of batteries from Amazon ($50.00) in less than 2 weeks of owning it. Then the thing just dies, so I contact Neato because it’s supposedly under a 90 warranty from the manufacturer. HA! I’ve now been sent a total of 3 defective, I mean “refurbished” vacuums and now Neato has decided that they are not the company for me and want to just issue me a check and have me return the vacuum. No problem, I say. It’s been 2 weeks of calling and emaling Neato to get the shipping label to return said vacuum. They keep telling me that it needs to be approved. According to Neato, the return and refund were on their behalf and had alread been pre-approved. My next step is disputing the charge through my credit card company. Woot, this looks very bad on your part as well.

I have a Roomba and a Neato. The Roomba is a few years old, a refurb’d 500 series. The Neato is this one. Both from Woot. The Neato has been used half a dozen times, I think, and is currently not working. In looking online it appears to be a sensor issue. It is no longer within the warranty period. I had high hopes for this unit because I hate the Roomba’s drunkenness in bouncing all over the room like a pinball, and I liked several features of the Neato better – the big one being that it can remember where it left off, which is a great selling point, but also that it has two different brushes so I can use just the hard floor brush instead of a bristle brush is excellent. After having them both, I’m very much impressed with Roomba still and feel pretty meh about the Neato. While this is an excellent price, I’m not sure that I could be tempted to buy another Neato, especially from Woot’s refurb sales, again.

we have one that gave the wheel stuck error. i read somewhere to back off of the screw that holds the wheels on. backed it off half a turn on each wheel, have not had the issue since.

I bought two the last time these are on sale. One for me, one for mom. She likes it. It doesn’t get up on her shag rug, but it cleans and tracks well. I am really impressed with the cleaning and performance, but I got battery issues almost immediately (0007) and (0009). Neato is sending me an exchange (cost me $25), and we will see from there. These seem hit and miss, but if you get lucky, its a really great deal! Maybe buying an extended warranty is warranted. See what I did there?

No more “refurb” for me. I bought one of these last time, completely inoperable. Woot took it back fine, but the hassle of repacking and delivering it to the shipping place…been down that road too many times with Woot. And no replacements available, just a refund. Huge waste of time, over and over. No more refurb.

Darn, too late to comment, wish I had seen this in the morning to spare others the experience. We got ours last time (February?) and loved it for the first few monitored runs. It died after a week. Troubleshooting with Neato tech support, batteries were ID’d as the issue. Rather than wait for them to warranty them in 14-18 days (first warning!) we bought replacements off Amazon with Prime 2 day shipping. Indeed, that solved the problem for another 3 cleanings (second warning!) at which point they said we needed to pay $26 to have them ship us up a replacement and ship this one back.
The replacement is a model down. No big, we already bought extra filters, we’ll just upgrade from the one they shipped.

No good, this one dies in less than a run after a full day charge.

They offer to ship the replacement at their expense after we pitch a complete fit that they shipped a ****** defective piece of work. Mind you, this takes 10 days. They are a 1 day UPS and FedEx from my HOUSE. I can drive to their doorstep in 6 hours, not in any hurry dealing with bad traffic, this is purely for them to get us a refurbished replacement that is a model level down from the that refurbished model we purchased.

The last one they send is the uh… absolute worst of the whole bunch, Staggers around for two minutes and then stops. Stuck wheel. There are forums for this, but nothing doing on the advice those offer. What does Neato say about it? To quote from a supervisor when we had to escalate it “Neato will refund you for this vacuum and is ending the relationship with you. We will send you a check and a call tag to return the vacuum.”

A week passes. Neato customer service denies this conversation occurred. They offer to submit a request to review the offer and see if they can get someone to “approve it”. Zero record of this occurring, apparently.

Woot at this point denies any responsibility. The warranty for defective vacuums through Woot! is 21 days. And I believe that’s from the time you purchase, not the time you receive it (I’m sure staff can give us all a reminder!) so we’re totally out of luck now.

Finally, assuming that Neato DOES offer you a refund for their LEMON GARBAGE VACUUM REFURBISHED RETURN RIPOFF SCAM HASSLE OVERPRICED UNREPAIRED DEFECTIVE WARRANTY POLICY VOIDED and many other keywords I think should be associated with Neato and their vacuums.

Thankfully, I think our credit card extends warranty on purchases for a bit longer than Woot! or Neato does so I think we’ll be getting our refund through them rather than through Neato or Woot! Something to look at before you ever make a purchase from Woot! of a substantial appliance in the future.

I plan to expound upon some of the customer service issues in future posts for this vacuum. It’s unbelievably crazy how bad Neato will treat you. Like, we’re talking Will Ferrell “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills” in Zoolander crazy. So bad you just don’t understand kind of nuts. I can’t wait to share those special experiences so you too can see what Kafka would be like from a suburban perspective…

Avoid Neato vacuums, especially through Woot! until they get a fix for this.