Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy - Random

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Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy - Random
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My little guy (Neato Magneto as we like to call him) is going on three years old and he runs like a champ. Still so fun to watch and does a great job.

Have had one of these for just over a year (bought on woot). It’s batteries stopped holding a charge so well, ordered a new set. When installing the new set, the LCD display fried, or may have died when the batteries died. $70+ replacement, out of warranty, with NO help from neato. Once they determine when you bought it, they give you absolutely no help. They won’t sell you replacement parts, but there are reputable robot parts places out there.

All in all, I would say this thing is over priced, would work alright for about 800sqft, but anything larger will have to be done is pieces, as it won’t hold enough of a charge. It does alright on most piles of carpet, but we have one room with a deep pile, and it struggles. If you actually have a pet, you would have to vacuum is daily, otherwise it would pick up so much hair and dirt that it will require being emptied multiple times per cycle.

The one thing I like the vacuum for is the area cleaning feature, it will do 10ftx10ft and then stop, great for quick or spot cleaning.

One last note: it requires some more thorough maintainence about every 2-3 months, removing hair from the wheels, motors, etc. With 3 pets hair is expected, but there are plenty of places for this thing to pick up hair besides the vacuum port.

I bought one of these to clean our 2040 square foot house. We have five dogs plus do dog sitting. It seems to work pretty well in the month or so that we’ve had it, although it does take three cycles to clean the whole house.

It does occasionally seem to get confused, though. Once I found it thrashing side to side in a doorway. Another time it kept telling me to clear its path when nothing was in its way. Other times it takes strange paths to get back to its base.

However, the wife likes it because it means less work for her and she enjoys seeing the tracks in the bathroom rugs that let her know the Neato was there. Plus, the house probably gets vacuumed more as we run it every day.

like the woot description

I’ve been using on of these for a little over a year to clean a ~1500 sq ft house and it works pretty good. The scheduler is nice and works well, I have it set for Monday/Friday morning.

Biggest issues are dust/dirt getting in the sensor if it gets into a dirty area and it getting randomly lost or stuck. I come home once a month to it “stuck” in the middle of the room with a flat battery.

Overall it works good and I only really need to vacuum once a month or so but I’m a single guy with no pets who keeps a pretty clean house.


You have to set the neato to accept a new battery in the menu options. If you don’t it will just keep overcharging the battery. I would bet imasonaz’s problem had to do with this.

Also, don’t trust neato around stairs. He has a sensor, but it’s not 100% and they have been known to fall. I just start him right at the top stair step and I watch him for the minute that he is working on it, but if you would rather they also have a magnetic strip to stop neato from crossing.

All in all, I love my neato. I have a sheepdog and two cats, and without neato I would have to vacuum every day. I do have to clean it once a week, cutting off hair and cleaning out the bearings. I had to replace the battery after a year, because I run him every day. I lubed the bearings with light machine oil at the same time, because he was starting to squeak. I will probably need to just change the bearings in the next year.

Awesome! I missed out on this when it came up on a woot plus sale and now I’m glad I waited. I’ll happily take factory reconditioned for $90 less than a new one.

I didn’t realize they came in more colors than the grey/blue scheme pictured.

First off, this seems like an excellent price. I have bought two Neatos from woot over the years, and both times I recall the price being around $279.

I had a Roomba for a couple years before I got the Neato. Was immediately impressed by how much smarter the Neato is (doesn’t run into furniture the way the Roomba does) and how much more capable its vacuuming capabilities are (more dust picked up).

I was also amazed to see that it’s smart enough to vacuum half the house, taxi back to its base and charge for an hour, then return to where it left off and resume working!

It is very loud when it’s running. not as loud as a regular vacuum, but still can’t-carry-on-a-conversation loud. So be sure to schedule it for when everybody will be out of the house.

I did have to replace the battery on my Neato after about 2 years. $79 from, and it works fine again. So plan on replacing the battery when it wears out. (And you do have to replace the filter every few months, but they are inexpensive.)

Now we have one on each floor of the house and are consistently amazed by how much dust & dirt it picks up - even when it runs one day after the whole house had been vacuumed!

I haven’t ever had to do any maintenance other than the battery - unlike the poster above (perhaps s/he has lots of pets; we have only one cat). Also, my Neato never had a problem avoiding the stairs.

You do have to pick up stuff that would clog it (socks, strings, shoelaces) before it runs, or it will get stuck. And you do have to empty its dust bin before the next scheduled cleaning. But that’s not too much to ask, in my opinion.

To sum up: best robot vac available. Great price. And once you have this vacuuming your house 3x/week while you’re at work, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

I bought the XV-11 from Woot over 2 years ago. Worked great until about a month ago and then quit charging. Bought new batteries but it didn’t fix the problem. Called a rep at Neato and after describing the problem and not being able to determine a fix, he talked to a supervisor and they sent me a refurb unit to replace mine, which was WAY out of warranty. The new one is working great and Neato has a loyal customer.

One of the downfalls of my multi-Roomba experience was the expense of the batteries and the frequency of replacement.

After more than a year with my first Neato, I had to replace the battery.

The difference? I ordered Neato OEM batteries from They are listed as $68.99 for a 2 pack and I had a 30% off coupon.

$48.29 for a two pack of batteries that far outlast the Roomba replacements at $50-$80 each. Cha-ching!

Not to mention while the Neato does occasionally get a bit confused or expresses a lusty physical manifestation of admiration for a piece of furniture, the Roomba had the same failings and from what I recall, more frequently.

Roomba required weekly grooming and cleaning. Neato politely asks me to empty the dust bin. That’s the sum total of maintenance in the year and a half I’ve owned it.

So for maintenance and just plain old cleaning ability the Neato far outshines any Roomba I’ve ever owned.

At $199.99 this may end up as my downstairs unit.

Had mine a little over a year and am now getting a E3000 error code. Be careful and do some research on it. This is a pretty common problem, and if you are still under the 1 year warranty they will replace the unit. If not, like me, they will just say sorry your out of luck.

Going on 4 months with ours (Rosie) and we couldn’t be more pleased! I liked the methodical cleaning method unlike the random patterns of the Roomba…
We set it to run on a schedule 3 days a week with two dogs and a cat in our living room and dining room area (the only space it can access by itself) and it does a fabulous job of it. Under the sectional couch (how often do you get all the nooks and crannies under there yourself?), over our laminate flooring, area rug and tile floor excellently. I go around every 3 weeks or so and take the wand extension on our Kirby and get along the baseboards and behind the legs of furniture. We have to pickup the dog toys on the days that it’s going to run, and tuck a few laptop/charger cables out of the way. It is SOOOO NICE to come home from work and the house is cleaner than when you left! About once a week I take it into the other rooms and plop it down and run it while I take care of something else, we have truly met the Jetsons age!!
We empty the (full) dustbin after it runs every other day. I even tested how it does concerning the Kirby by running it on the area rug after a thorough run acrosswithe the Kirby and it is unbelievable what it was able to pick up after that 25lb behemoth!

Just like others … prepare to spend $$$ on maintenance on this little bot. When Neato’s XV-11 first came out years ago, the battery life was fantastic! However just like most companies they thought ‘How can we make more money on each bot sold?’ … Well they started using horrible batteries.

The run time should be at least 1 hour for a carpet/hardwood flooring mix with less time for all carpet and more time for all hardwood. With the new type of batteries they have been sending out with the bots now at full charge, expect about a 25% decrease right away. Then after 60-70 charge cycles expect that time to start dropping and continue to drop rapidly.

A positive on Neato is the customer support. I purchased the Neato Sv-25 Signature Pro from Woot about 5 months ago. The batteries with the unit sucked and only ran about 30 minutes at max charge. They sent me new batteries which were a little better (43 minute run time). Then I purchased batteries from eBay (3800mAh) and the run time leaped to 1 hour and 5 minutes on carpet/hardwood. They also sent me replacement wheels for my Neato XV-12 which was out of warranty!

Boo Neato! Booo!! (On the batteries)

Yeah Neato! Yeaahhh!! (On Customer Service)

I have had 2 Neatos. One is still working. The one that I bought from Woot had to be replaced 4 times. Neato was good about replacing it, but after a year or so, the battery needed to be replaced. I did so according to the directions, shortly after that the LCD screed died. It still worked for a month or so, but then the whole thing died. I am now using just one Neato. I really like having it, but I would definitely recommend a Square Trade warranty for it.

Just a heads up, I ordered one of these from Woot and then when I moved into a 2 story house I picked up a second one because I loved my first one so much. The one I got from Woot originally worked for about a month before we had some errors. I called Neato and they sent out a replacement, then the replacement broke, and so I’m on my third Neato. This one has been going strong for about 9 months now, which is why I bought the second one. The second one broke down after about a month but when I called it in, they now make you pay $25 for S&H to get the replacement. The replacement they sent broke in less than a month so now I’m fighting them to not have to pay another $25. My original Neato does great on the hardwood floors and low pile area rugs we have, but I’m really disappointed that Neato has changed their policy on fixing defective units under warranty.

I have a Roomba that bumbles around the house bumping into everything and randomly vacuuming whatever it happens upon. My friend has this same Neato which ‘neatly’ plans out it path and MUCH MORE QUIETLY goes around the house and vacuums every little nook and corner. It is so much better than my roomba its not even a fair comparison. This is a great deal. I plan to get one of these the next time my roomba batter dies (currently on 3rd battery in 5 years).