Need: Ideas for office pranks.


So…boss man is going on a long (much deserved) holiday. Which means, we get to ‘decorate’ his office. Since ya’ll gave us some solid ideas last year, I thought I would ask ya’ll again this year.

Obviously, he will be monitoring this thread - which makes it even more awesome, because he won’t be able to do anything about it from a far away land…except maybe chew on some Pepto.


Move it to the men’s room. :slight_smile:


In the words of @cklun … shit.


Take a screenshot of an important Excel or Word document. Set the picture as the background


Nah. He locks his machine. Can’t do it.


A few ideas:

Is there a celebrity he despises? Decorate the whole office in pictures of that person (or people).

Does he have issues with people touching his stuff? Take pictures of everyone touching everything in his office.

Rearrange everything so that it’s similar to what it was but just a bit off so it will annoy him because things aren’t quite where they should be.

You guys play games at the office – does he have any saved games? Maybe… remove them? Or move them somewhere else. i’m not that evil.

Does Australia have any rivalries with other countries? Do they dislike New Zealand, for example? I honestly have no idea. But if they do, decorate the office with stuff from that other country.

Is there a scent he really dislikes? Put some in random hiding places he might have difficulty finding.

Hide his cereal.

Jeremy, if any of my ideas are used please know that I am terribly sorry and please don’t delete my account.


The writer of this post is not responsible for you getting fired and is intended for entertainment purposes only. Unless you like it and want to hook me up with a BOC.

Hire a mariachi band to follow the him/her around the office all day.











Create a miniature of his office in Legos. Take close-up photos of various nefarious changes occurring in the model. Post a few photos each day, leaving him to wonder if those things ACTUALLY happened to his office. Build the suspension all the way until he returns.

Whether or not said changes actually happen in the larger space is up to you and your job security.


I like where you are going. What if you created a office space that looked identical to his and did all sorts of terrible things to this “fake space” and had a LIVE CAM set up. Make sure that he gets regular updates and ETA of terrible events.


Live cam: great addition!


Or the lady’s room…


Here’s another idea: replace family photos with Photo-shopped versions with Nic Cage’s face in place of the originals.

And one more: Cover the optic sensor on his mouse with tape so it won’t work.


I like the direction.

I have done this and the co-workers was not happy. I took a full screen shot of his desktop. Then I made this screenshot into his BACKGROUND. Then I took all the desktop icons and placed them into a folder in his documents. I then hid his taskbar. He spent WAAAY longer than he should have trying to figure it all out.


I thought of that, but did not mention it due to the “he locks it” comment, above.