Netgear Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Router

Netgear Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Router

UAE power plug noted in 2nd picture. I assume that a mistake & it comes with a US power plug?


Along with plug mentioned above, text write up says AC2300 whereas photos show AC1900. Which one is it?


Yup on AC1900 photos:

Are we going to get any answers from woot about the above critical questions??

Also waiting for answers before buying…

If this is the 2300 w/ NO Disney firmware on it I’ll pull the trigger 5mins ago.

If it’s the 1900 w/ ‘Circle’ built-in, hard pass.

C’mon wootbot…


FYI Netgear has buggy firmware and a very bad reputation for not fixing bugs. My 5ghz became unusable after an update, and years later there’s still no fix. I had to flash tomato firmware just to get it working again.
Don’t believe me Google Netgear 5g not working and read for yourself.

Just buy then complain to get free stuff if it’s wrong.


Lol with all the insane f*ckups I’ve had over the years with woot the best they ever did was free shipping for next purchase like that is anything but a slap in the face after all the time, effort, and HANDLING that I had to do to get some of the shit back to them. :joy::joy::joy: granted I haven’t had a ton of problems lately but I use the site less and less every year.

Who the heck gets free stuff? They’ve sold me high dollar items that were literally trash and arrived clearly unusable. Free shipping on next purchase for my trouble. (Back when you could get it free with enough crap anyway) I tell ya! :joy:

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I received a refurb vacuum once and when it arrived an accessory holder was damaged in shipping. I complained and was reimbursed in full. That’s when I told Woot I’m a lifetime fan. :wink:

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Hi all. Just seeing your questions. I’ve emailed the computer team.

Let us know which one it is.

Still waiting to hear back.

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By the time we hear back. It’ll be to late :confused:


Looks like I’m not pulling that trigger. Oh well. Still looking for a router upgrade in the AC department…

This is a pretty big ball dropped Woot…

I’m sorry. I’ve sent two emails but haven’t gotten a response.

I took the gamble, so I’m still curious. Did you hear back now that it’s Monday?

Alas no. I bumped the email again about a half hour ago.