New Balance Men's Boxer Brief 4-Pack

New Balance Men's Boxer Brief 4-Pack

Ah, yes, the No Closure closure.

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No fly, no buy.


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Obviously, no fly no buy is the order of the day. Way too many flyless undies coming across the radar screen. There is a reason flys are needed, but this is a family website.
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The fly was the first thing I checked. No fly, no buy. I would have bought these if there was a fly. Do people not understand the need of a fly? I just don’t get it …a woman must have designed these boxers.

This is basically the only time a no fly undie is OK (BYOCatheter).

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Where no fly is appropriate

Having a fly is overrated… just go over the fence. Much simpler, and your guy doesn’t find his way in there on his own when you’re in an important meeting requiring you to rearrange the furniture in front of everyone.


When the dam is ready to burst, I find going over the top easier than searching for the front door.


That was pure poetry. <3


Just drop your pants to your ankles and pee!image


Wow, they’re sending me recommendations all the time especially for things I bought before and I’ve bought many the boxer brief from both Amazon Prime and woot… The only reason I can suspect is that they know I’m a medium and there may have never been any on this particular offer?!?

Were they’re ever mediums for this present offer?

Sad to miss a bargain, when the color options I would have purchased were also the least expensive on Amazon, c’est la vie!!