(NEW) Samsung 43" or 85" Neo QLED 4K QN90B Series Smart TV (2022)

(NEW) Samsung 43" or 85" Neo QLED 4K QN90B Series Smart TV (2022)

Has anyone had any experience with buying new tvs from Woot? Did everything go smoothly?

I bought a refurb LG OLED a few years back. They shipped it with an incorrect stand, but refunded a large portion of the cost and were very attentive. Hope that helps.

I appreciate the comment. Does make me trust making the purchase a bit more.

I bought an 88 inch Samsung tv.
And I had the best customer experience.
There was an issue with it and they refunded a big chunk of money if I kept it.
I agreed to it. And have been a long time customer. And every time I can I recommend to friends and family.
Best prices and superb customer support.

I have purchased two TVs from Woot! - a 55” LG and a 65” 4K LG.

No issues with the first tv, second TV arrived with some very minor damage (dented bezel - refurb unit) and missing one of the stands. Woot gave me the option of returning it or refunding a couple hundred if I opted to keep it. That was in 2019 - no issues so far with it.