(NEW) Skullcandy Set in-Ear Wired Sports Earbuds

(NEW) Skullcandy Set in-Ear Wired Sports Earbuds


These are unbeatable at the price. I received mine today from Woot. I’m happy with them.


These headphones sound really good for $7. Skullcandy is killing it with these headphone deals.

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No lightning connection available :frowning_face:

An Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter
will set you back $9

i have some wired J LABs - they are amazing and about the same price when on sale…also with lifetime guarantee!.. just sayin

Would like to add to the “awesome earphones”. Skullcandy wireless weren’t impressive but boy oh boy are these (and another low priced version I own) wired in ear earphones very impressive! The sound is fantastic and the bass is actually noticeable (unlike the wireless versions). The built-in mic is very good as well. Unbelievable it’s less than $7 here.

Can anyone answer whether these have their own digital/analog converter?
I want to use these for my Switch Lite and since there isn’t a 3.5mm plug, I wondered if they USB C would work. I can’t beat the price

Headphones sound fine, but they fall out of my ears. For the price though, it’s not really a loss if you buy them and try them.

I don’t have a Switch Lite, but I can confirm that the USB-C version of these work fine with the Switch … Heavy. Or whatever it’s called.

I doubt these earbuds have an onboard DAC. I think the USB-C spec includes an analog audio channel, and I think that’s what these earbuds use when you plug them into a Chromebook or Android phone.

Very good fidelity for ear buds, Much better than bluetooth that I have tried.

Amazing !

Thank you for the info. I ended up buying them and it was so worth it. These buds are simple but quality.

Any chance you will be getting more of this product in stock? By the time I received notification you were sold out. I have been checking daily since then but no luck.

When did you get the notification?

This listing is from October 2022.

I am a new Woot fan; just heard about Woot end of 2/2023 when I tried to purchase this item. Is there a chance of getting this offer again?

They have a wireless active set for $6.99, ive seen this pair on eBay for about $20 if you really want this exact pair. I know some people preferred wired audio.


Maybe? we sell skullcandy items pretty regular.

Thank you for your asssistance. I prefer the wired non mic set but I am unable to find the search function on this site to see if it is available. Can anyone direct me?

Sorry, we don’t have search. We’re kind of a browsing site. the ALL DEALS page lets you filter down pretty well though.