NFL or NCAA Mystery Bag

NFL or NCAA Mystery Bag
Price: $14.99
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Is North Carolina UNC or NC State?

all my mystery bag/box purchases have sucked! It’s all the crap they can’t get you to buy if you knew what it was.

The light blue North Carolina is UNC. North Carolina State is red.

If I hadn’t been suckered on MLB one earlier this year I would have jumped all over this.

I think part of the lure is knowing that you may, in fact, get screwed with crap items. Kind of makes the whole thing a little more exciting.

fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. i’m not getting fooled a third time, this is worse than crap

I have to say that, most of the stuff was usable, but, when I saw an inflatable helmet that was oversized and weird looking I thought FOR SURE this was a waste of money…


Now my hubby and I find hilarity in wearing the helmet doing everyday things and surprising each other.

(sorry to post as a link, but couldn’t figure out how to post an image…)

Of the things I got in my last mystery bag, the sticker was the only thing I felt was valued over a dollar. I threw everything else away.

TLDR: Paid $20 for a sticker.

This was garbage last time I did it. I got Miami Dolphins math flash cards. I can’t even believe the product existed to begin with but having Dolphins branded flash cards is so beyond asinine I almost fell over. I also received a few non Dolphin items, just plain, because it seemed they couldn’t find enough Dolphin branded garbage to put in the box. The only item in the box that had any value was a dog collar but my dog already had a Dolphin collar.

When adding up all the items it would never total 50 bucks. It would never total the 15 bucks they charge. This is simply a way Woot will screw you.

No Virginia Tech? I guess they know Hokies are too smart to fall for this. :wink:

It’s UNC

Yep, it’s UNC.

I agree with all the others. Complete waste of money. If you have it to throw away just flush it down the toilet. Less hassle. I usually like the things I have bought. This one does not even come close.

Mine was hot garbage last time. Some random cell phone case. Crappy headphones. A non licensed beanie. Hard pass.

University of North Carolina-The Tar Heels is UNC. NC State is North Carolina State University-The Huskies or Wolves

NC State is the Wolfpack, better get it right. I’m a Tarheel and them there Wolfpack don’t like it when you call them names!