Nostalgia Electrics 3.0 Cubic Foot Refrigerator

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Nostalgia Electrics 3.0 Cubic Foot Refrigerator
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Damn, now I might just have to pull the trigger here. Reviews are not bad and I have been wanting a fridge for the bedroom. A lot of damage complaints though.

So I have had one of these for a couple months and love it. The fridge will actually freeze water in the main compartment if it is set to low. I love the dispenser too. It seals nicely and I get to have my personal chilled rum dispenser next to my desk. I did pick mine up from Fry’s for $100 on a flash sale though. Such a good deal.

I love rum, I love Frys!!!

But real question do you happen to know if it is compressor driven or thermoelectric?

If I made you elaborate in case I have lost anybody, does it perhaps sound like a regular full size fridge when it turns on? If it does that more than likely means that it is compressor driven and that is what I’m looking for.

Based on the specs in the manual, I’d say it’s compressor driven.


• High Side: 72.5 psi
• Low Side: 7.25 psi
• Refrigerant (oz): R600a/0.635oz
• Foaming Agent: Cyclopentane

Are the chrome parts plastic or metal?

I did some price checking on similar models and this seemed like a complete steal. WalMart does have some Igloo brand 3.2 cu/in coolers for about $10 more, but I think the retro look is priceless.

Here’s the other site if you want a comp though-

THANKS! I was looking for that - the vid was what sold me

amazon reviews says plastic

I found this, um… “Review” on YouTube. It really doesn’t tell you much, but the random unrelated stock footage and text-to-speech going on is pretty hilarious.


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So the drink dispenser – you fill a one-liter reservoir and it dispenses up to one liter of chilled liquid? Not continuous like the water dispenser on the the outside of a full sized fridge, right?

I dont know nothin bout not technical data like volts and compressors. So the dumb questions:
Does it plug into a two-prong outlet?
It doesnt need it’s own circut or anything, does it?
Most importantly, can I fit a few bottles of wine in there? lying sideways, I’d assume?

After looking at the manual for “RRF300SDDSERIES-Retro Series Compact Refrigerator with Dispenser” here:

-This has an internal tank mounted at the inside top of the door for the beverage dispenser.
-And it has a 3-prong outlet and per the safeguard, the appliance must be grounded.
-Assembly required for the internal tank because it is removable for cleaning if needed.
-Also the door handle must be installed by drilling or I guess you can opt not to have it.

EDIT: No interior dimensions or capacity for the tank listed.

In case anyone else was wondering, I e-mailed the manufacturer to confirm that the internal beverage tank was BPA-free and they’ve stated that it is.

The handle doesn’t requiring drilling, it requires screwing the screws into the pre-drilled holes, just FYI.

however getting the handle to slide onto the part that you screw onto the door, that’s the part I’m having trouble with. It goes about halfway and then stops. I’m afraid to push to hard because I don’t want the plastic to break.

Nice fridge! Got it yesterday. Finally got it all put together today. Works great!

I opted for the red one. Read a lot of reviews that said the fridge came dented and was worried. Mine came just fine. No damage. Packed fairly well. And the red is gorgeous and not cheap looking at all for a retro fridge.

All the “chrome” is really plastic painted chrome color. The handle plate screwed in with no problem however actually sliding the plastic handle onto the plastic screwed in plate was not easy and I was very afraid I was going to snap it. It finally went on. The handle does not articulate you just grab it to pull the door open. I found everyone in my office expected from the look of it that the handle when pulled would articulate (swing out) and then unlock/release the door. It had that look, but it’s not that fancy.

Assembling the water dispenser was harder. The whole thing goes together fairly well. The clamps that attach the hose to the water container/reservoir are quite a tight fit and you have to be strong to put those on. The outer chrome cover for the water dispenser snapped into place easily however the only screw on the outside to really secure it on, was impossible to screw in. There was a tiny hole for the screw however it seems to have been manufactured with an error, there’s no hole for that screw just a small dot in the red door that isn’t red but no amount of pressure was going to screw that screw in. So I gave up after 30 minutes and just put the chrome cap on. It snaps into place so I don’t think the screw is 100% necessary.

The dispenser is awesome. Works great! Good flow, chilled perfectly and holds a surprisingly fair amount of liquid. No leaking as of yet. The instruction booklet came with an addendum page separate explaining how and where to put the two clamps on the hose for the dispenser so I think previous reviews that complained of leaking probably had come without these new clamps that seem to take care of that issue.

Very happy with the look and price of this fridge so far!!! Thanks Amazon, er, I mean… Woot!