NutriChef Handheld Vacuum Sealer Machine

Will this use standard vacuum seal roll

I’ve worn out a couple of Food Savers over the the decades and this looks like a nice, economical entry level introduction to vacuum sealing. The key feature (for me) missing is the jar sealing port, something I use a lot. If you don’t need that function, not a bad deal.

I have yet to use the jar sealer function of my Food Saver, even though I’ve purchased the jar sealer attachments (regular and large).

I need to buy some jars and lids and get busy.

What do you use vacuum sealed jars for?

I use the bags all the time, but can’t figure out what I’d do with a jar?

Jams, jellies, and other liquids / semi liquids.

The hose port for the jar sealer makes this 2X more useful. I use it more than bags, for a vacuum marinating container. 5 minutes of vacuum marinating is equal to an hour. I’ve even used widemouth Ball jars for marinating. Plus, I’ve adapted the hose to be able to vacuum most brands of the ziplock type bags.

THIS is what I wanna know. Anybody have any idea?

Does it have a cutter?

It comes with a roll. I’m not sure what a standard roll means?

Hey all, found the manual. This might help answer questions. I don’t see a cutter.

PDF Manual

i don’t think it’s handheld, if it needs to sit on a counter top.

I love most everything I buy at Woot, however I’ve never had much success with or liked the quality of products made by Pyle.

This vacuum sealer looks great and the price is attractive, but looking at the PDF showed it was a Pyle product. HARD PASS for me.

Interested to see a review from anyone after 6 months of regular use.

Great product, using it for sous vide.