Oh hai there, I can haz ur planet?

Ceiling Cthulhu will save me from Basement Yog-Sothoth!

Haha Nice!

No! Not another Pirates of the Caribbean movie!

funny… but uhhh no thanks… good night.

look out, captain jack–the locker is open and davy jones is heading your way! >=b

zibi wawa

What’s the over/under on LOLcat speak responses on the first page? I’ll go ahead and set it at 11.5.

“Do you think we should call the landlord about this?”

The grinch does drywall…

bow down to lord cthulhu

I guess this means there’s no chance for Pretty Like the Boys?

I iz disappoint.

so the girl from the grudge was an octopus?

Congrats! I figured this shirt would print one way or another.

Oh and FYI, for anyone who is confused about this shirt, it’s a parody of ceiling cat.

I’m waiting for it to fall out of the ceiling and go SPLAT!

“Cleanup on Aisle 3, please, cleanup on Aisle 3. Thank you.”

i am wondering…

when a girl wears this… will it look like she has a tentacle creature coming down from her cleavage?

I feel like this would be better if the name of the shirt was on it…

Some people won’t sleep tonight due to the woot-off. I won’t sleep tonight because this is gonna give me nightmares!

I fail to see anything wrong with that…

in the words of Paul McCartney: “I’m fixing a hole where the evil space monster gets in.”