OMG Deals: 2/6/20


What is it?

It’s an Outrageous Mystery Goody. We take something, make it cheap but don’t really tell you what it is. Why? We have our reasons. But they are good ones.

When and where do I find it?

We’ve got ELEVEN different, but somehow related, OMGs right here. READ THE FEATURES on each offer page to get clues as to what they might be, and if you’re feeling adventurous, hit that buy button!

The fine print:

  • Items are NOT eligible for returns (defect exceptions apply).
  • There is just ONE of these items in the box.
  • There will be only that one item in the box and nothing more.
  • We will sell a different item in each of the 11 sales. Everyone gets the same item.

Good luck and happy sleuthing!

Update: SOLD OUT. If you got one, come on back here and report in with your results when you receive it!



These deals seem like you’re cleaning house… or something of that sort.

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Huzzah! The game is afoot! Despite my better judgment and the advice of my good friend to not make deductions without data, I will throw caution to the wind and conclude that these are steel drinking vessels, and associated accessories ( ̶p̶r̶o̶b̶a̶b̶l̶y̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ Ok, it’s Yeti).


Can’t wrap my head around this one. Woot! OMG Deal #9

Replacement silicon rings for travel cup lids?


Can we find out what these are after they have sold out?

Make that an almost definitely.

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You know that this is a Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle.

This is a sale made for @bsmith1.

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What 4 sales? Are there more released throughout the day or in the coming days?

ooooooops fixing now NOTHING TO SEE HERE

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Strange how only the upper numbers are selling out. Another interesting phycology experiment brought to you by Woot.

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newp, not this time.

I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the River Green Yeti 14oz Rambler.


Given the quick sellout, was it really worth creating the custom banner for the front page? How long did that take someone?

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I feel bad for all you who bought these and will wind up with a dumbass hammock or a board game


I want to know what #9 was

“These were supposed to be vacuum sealed travel mugs, but the Amazon ASIN must have gotten mixed up. Regardless, we’re sticking by our position that we meant to send you a shower drain cover.”