OnePlus 7 Pro 256GB (GSM LTE Unlocked)

OnePlus 7 Pro 256GB (GSM LTE Unlocked)

I love my oneplus 7 pro.

Is this supported on t-mobile’s network and work with Wi-Fi calling?


How about voice over wifi compatability with the t-mobile network?

I’d like to know too. That WiFi calling has helped me while overseas.

Is it unlocked for use worldwide via GSM? Does it have a dual sim tray?

Yes, I also would like to proclaim my love for this phone. :grin: Been using it on T-Mobile for 3+months now and it is twice the phone it replaced, (sorry Ole S8+, we can still be friends, right?) the screen is fantastic, super smooth scrolling and more pixels than I need. The battery lasts all day and then some, with normal use but the charger that comes with it will literally blow your mind with how fast it charges, even when you are using the phone. Camera is 21st century tech as with all the rest of the expected features.

Only drawbacks and they are not deal breakers are no wireless charging (but it recharges so fast that it really does not matter at least in my opinion), no headphone jack, Bluetooth only and the finger print reader kinda sucks, sometimes, not always.

Hopefully this will make some one who is on the fence buy one. BTW I think I paid $449 plus tax and a $20 stupid service fee from T-Mobile when I got mine and I still think I stole it.

Nope, only one sim tray.

Aps13, does voice over Wi-Fi calling work for you? I often visit areas with no cell signal/reception and voice over Wi-Fi has saved the day supporting sms/mms and calls/voicemail.

Believe it or not I’m still rocking a Sony xperia xz1 compact and well overdue for an upgrade.

Wifi calling works on this phone but I don’t know all the details about it other than it has an option to turn it on or off in the drop down menu, I generally keep it off since it seems to be a bit sketchy when it hands off from the wifi to the mobile network and I don’t care about conserving data or minutes. Also has a chat sms/mms option that works over wifi or data network. Just buy it, I promise you will love it or I’ll eat my dishes, all of them. Lol.

Best phone I’ve ever had. VoLTE works on ATT, but not Wifi Calling because ATT only whitelists certain phones for that.

This is apparently the single sim model. You can buy the dual sim tray on ebay and use it in this phone.

Just echoing some love. This is by far the best phone I have ever owned. Bought it at launch and it still feels new. The camera is only a 7 on a scale of one to Pixel, but everything else about it is amazeballs.

Yes it supports Voice over Wifi.

This phone is awesome. I switched from a Pixel 3XL and don’t regret it.

PROS: screen, value, FAST AF
CONS: Google transcribing doesn’t work - nice but I just reject any unknown calls

I’m on Google FI and haven’t noticed any change in service: coverage, data, wifi-calling - all good

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I spent a a few hours going back and forth about this and the OP 8 with the deal I got on it over the weekend ($100 off and $100 in free accessories). I’m concerned about the front camera mechanism on this one breaking, as well as the lack of 5G down the road and only one one more year of software support (as I’m someone who keeps his phone for 4+ years). I’ll keep my OP 8 for $170 more

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I think in all my years of having a cell phone, I’ve only ONCE said “this phone is the worst phone I ever owned”. So, what makes it the best phone you every had? If you upgraded from a moto razar from the early 2000’s, ok, but have you looked at phones from UleFone, Blackview or other non-mainstream phone makers that has a battery that lasts 5 days vs 1? One that can REALLY be dropped and not shatter or one that can get dunked and you are not running out to buy a bag of rice? Sadly, I’ve set a new bar. I’ve been using a UleFone Armor 3W and now the WT for years. For $300, have not found a phone that comes close to it’s battery life, ruggedness and bang for the buck. Dual sim, ability to handle a 512gb mem card, internationally unlocked and can use the 400mhz freq’s for GMRS radio. Mine is only on Android 9 but can be side loaded with 10 if I want to do the deed.

Anybody know if this is an android operating system?
What android version does it support?

In the specs:

PLATFORM OS Android 9.0 (Pie), OxygenOS 10.0.5

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Does it switch between all the networks on Fi? US Cellular, T-Mobile and Sprint?