Original Copper Pan 10" Non-Stick Fry Pan (2 Pack)

After seasoning the pan as instructed, then a second time because my fried eggs stuck to it, it isn’t non-stick unless you spray it with some type of non-stick cooking oil. It’s just a regular pan. Oh, and it became so warped that it doesn’t sit flat on the burners anymore. To hell with this pan!

Well, here’s the first problem. Any product that calls itself “the original copper pan” yet has no actual copper in it should tell you something. Their claims about the pan are equally accurate.

Damn I love the community on here. Thanks, folks – Wasted money averted!

Just a quick heads up. According to a review on the Amazon page for this, think twice if you have a glass top range:
“If you have a glass top range do not buy this product. It has a piece of metal with the logo attached to the bottom of the pan that causes it to not lie flat on the glass, so half of the pan does not touch the glass surface. The piece of metal also scratches the hell out of the glass surface.”

Also, some purchasers do season it with oil, but spray on oils are highly not recommended since they solidify and ruin the non-stick qualities. They are an absolute bitch to remove and cause sticking.