Otterbox Elevation 64oz

Otterbox Elevation 64oz

Does anyone know if the hydration lid will fit this size growler? Or if otterbox makes a hydration lid specifically for it? Or if any other brand lid will fit it instead of the screw on lid?

Yes it will fit hydration lid. Bought the 64 growler here few weeks back. When it arrived it came with a ding on the bottom. Woot took care of me though. Now I have two 64 growlers. My original has a smaller neck and cap. But the one listed here is a bigger cap

Huh, Mine came with a ding and they just gave me a $10 credit. Guess I should have complained louder.

My credit that I received was less. You complained loud enough. I didn’t

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I interpreted that as they sent you a new growler. Is that not the case? I got a credit and no second growler.