Panasonic Toughbook 10" i5 250GB Laptop

Is there a way to get the full model number? Do we know what “MK” version it is? I have never seen a Toughbook without Bluetooth so I wonder if that is correct? Also, it mentions the touchscreen, but does it also have a digitizer in the screen? The photo does show what appears to be a digitizer pen.

With a batch of refurbished laptops, the models may vary. They will be brought to the specs noted as a minimum.

The photo is a stock photo.

Unfortunately, the unit shipped did not match Woot’s specification. It contains two USB 2.0 ports, there is no USB 3.0 port as specified by Woot. The unit delivered was a CF-19 mk4, I believe USB 3.0 is present in the mk6 units.

Oh man, sorry about the mix-up. If you haven’t yet, please send an email to with your order number and issue. CS can check into your account and options.

I sent support a note. The 320GB model also advertised has the same spec error.

It would have been better if the refurbisher had marked these as “CF-19 mk4” for the 250GB and “CF-19 mk5” for the 320GB one. Then we could have looked at the official Panasonic spec sheet and seen for ourselves what we were buying. They said something about every unit being different so that they couldn’t tell us the model numbers, but they weren’t that different.


How would you describe the condition of the received Toughbooks?

Mine were deplorable. I posted about them on the comments for the 320GB version, but mine were the 250GB version.