Patagonia Men's & Women's Trail Runners

**Item: **Patagonia Men’s +%26 Women’s Trail Runners
Price: $54.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Run on over to the Product Page for the womens

Time to check out the product page for the men’s pair.

Has anyone ever worn these? I just killed my trail runners by walking in a river for two hours- I need a replacement.

edit: I found enough ratings/reviews to be comfortable trying them. I found: minimal sole, roomy toe box, true to size, doesn’t let your foot slide forward. And even though the pink color is on clearance everywhere, you can’t come within $20 of the woot price.

Damn… ran out of the green ones quick!

I was planning on buying the Urbanists, in 9.5, and they were there. I was going to wait until after they added the daily Plus Sales and see if I could add something else in (save on shipping). I guess I will be saving $60, instead of just $5, because they sold out.

Oh well, I didn’t really need to spend my hard earned money.

Or maybe I was secretly hoping they would sell out, before I had a chance to buy them, so I didn’t spend my money.

Can you return these if they are too small?


The FAQ answers that pretty well.