Shoe Fetish



Lots of shoes, hopefully in some sizes you can wear. Reviews welcome!


Saddened to not see the Men’s Fuse-ion’s. I’ve been patiently waiting for them show up again. I missed them in size 10 last time they were up and I noticed I missed them again during the woot-off. That is what I get for sleeping at 4am I guess. That aside I would happily review them once I was able to get my hands on a pair.


Poo. I was really hopping these shoes would be in my size. Missed them last time.


I got the Patagonia men’s mids and also boots last time around, and they are so good.

I’ve had problems with my knees, and wanted shoes with plenty of shock absorption and orthopedic-style insoles. I couldn’t be more pleased with these shoes.

My hikes are usually on pavement, but the soles seem like they would grip earth or rock extremely well. These shoes also have rubber on the toes, so I expect them to last much longer than other shoes I’ve had.

I’ve seen other people say the high soles make them feel unstable, but I did not observe this problem.

Highly recommended!


I happened to be in the market for hiking boots last time the P26 mid women’s shoes came up on woot, and am still really glad I sprung for them! The reviews didn’t seem terribly praiseworthy, but I’m fond of Patagonia and figured $75 was pretty reasonable. Haven’t tested them on any trails yet, but have worn them to work a couple times and they feel wondrous.

They do indeed raise you up an inch or so, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I like the feel of a solid sole.

This time around I’m just disappointed those mary janes are the only women’s Teva sandals. I much prefer the men’s version.


I got the P26 women’s mid last time around and wear them daily to work as a meter reader. Best purchase ever. When my feet are happy, I’m happy! Well constructed, comfortable, supportive. Great traction on slippery grassy slopes, loose gravel, and all types of terrain beside pavement.


I can never get my size, this sucks! :frowning:


I bought the Pasas last time, when they were offered in normal, close to average sizes like 7, 7.5, and 8. I love them in black and wanted to buy them in brown, and get a pair for my sister. Apparently, the woot gods scoff at our neither diminunitive nor giant feet.

That said, I also have the Fuse-ion and I get tons of compliments on them. Planning to wear them today to keep my feet dry as Sandy’s rain bands start to sweep over my state. They are much more comfy with socks.


“Life-time Ironclad Guarantee” does this mean that they’ll replace my worn out shoes in 2 years? 10 years? or will I need to buy new ones. Cause if I can just buy 1 set of shoes I like and be done for life I’m totally sold.

Never mind… already sold out in my size. Dang those went quick.


Any way to request sizes 11+? Sasquatch girls need cute boots too!! You know what they say, big feet big boots! Meanwhile I’ll keep wearing mens boots and hopefully get lucky next time.


We’ll pass the suggestion on! :slight_smile:


The Women’s Teva Fuse-ions are unbelievable…I wear them in the rain and my feet stay dry…very comfortable, true to size…I got them last time; not in my size this time or I’d get another pair.


Thanks! :o)


No, no! Not big shoes – smaller shoes. Those of us with small feet are always being left out.

: )


I don’t get it.

Chrunium, socks or no socks? Shoe or sandel!?


Okay, bigger ranges of sizes to make everyone happy.

Will that make everyone happier?


Yes, please!