Patagonia Footwearsplosion!

Patagonia products are pretty popular up here in the Northwest, along with our staples North Face and the like. However, I’m not as familiar with the shoes. Who’d like to fill me (and everyone else) in on how they compare to brands such as Keen?

Does anyone know how the size/fit on these run? (small/average/large?)

Unfortunately what I can tell you about Patagonia footwear is that it is subpar. The chief concern is weak seams and many blowouts of those seems. The P26 boot has your foot sitting so high on so much cushion that it is somewhat unstable. Some people seem to like them. I’m not one of them.

They do fit about true to size with roomy toe boxes and many people find them comfortable though.

Awfully expensive for Chinese made shoes. Do people buy these for the name brand?


Thanks for the info. I guessed these might be an example of Patagonia’s expansion into different product lines based solely on its brand name; those products seldom work out so well.

Merrell makes these shoe for Patagonia.

I am very disappointed I would have liked to have bought these shoes but I am a mens size 14.

For those interested here is the size chart:

This is a good buy, for these shoes or boots. I used to be the Patagonia footwear sales rep. Nothing to be afraid of at this price.

With all the negativity towards these shoes, I feel like I have to defend them.

I have owned a pair of P26’s for about two months and these are the best trail shoes that I have owned in recent memory. I use these for everyday wear, dog walks, and short day hikes (<5 hours).

Here is my take. Positives: 1.) The insole is contoured, so I don’t use the insert that I normally wear with hiking shoes. 2.) The padding in the shoe and sole is the most prominent feature and I love it. 3.) The mesh on the side makes the shoe extremely breathable. I can even feel a slight breeze on mildly windy days. 4.) The toe is durable. It creates a pocket for my toes that allows some movement, but when I kick a root or a stump on hike, I barely notice it. 5.) The tread is durable. I am just starting to notice wear. 6.) Mine were true to size.

Negatives: 1.) I did notice the instability issue when I first wore them. It took me about 15 min to get used to it. 2.) Breathable mesh = dirty socks. On dusty trails the shoes act as a dirt stencil for my socks. They do make a nice triangle pattern though. I would guess that they are not waterproof, but we have been in a drought so I have not encountered wet trails. 3.) A small part of the silver trim started to fray within the first week. It’s barely noticeable and had nothing to do with my reasoning for buying the shoe.

Ultimately, I would buy these shoes again. I am disappointed that I did not notice the sale sooner. I would have bought the boots, but my size is sold out.