Women's Outdoor Footwear

Does anyone have any info on these shoes? I was wanting to buy a pair, but couldn’t find any reviews on comfort, size, etc.

I recently ordered the Jambu trail sneaker and I love them! They are a little tight (length wise) so you may consider the next size up, especially if you want to wear thick socks. However, as I wear them they seem to be loosening up, so overall I am quite happy with them.

I’ll agree totally with that review, as I am having the exact same experience. Buy, but buy up a size, and they’ll be perfect for you.

I got the trail sneaker and the Patagonia Women’s Advocate Chukka Moccasin. Since the trail sneaker is all sold out, I’ll just comment on the Chukka.

It’s VERY comfortable. It’s one of those “barefoot” style shoes with a minimal sole and no heel lift. I love them and my feet feel great in them. I can walk miles and work in them all day.

They do look wider than normal shoes because they give you a big toebox to let your feet spread out in. This makes it comfortable, but it sure doesn’t look dainty. Just so you know. They look best with straight leg jeans, in my opinion. I don’t wear them with skinny leg jeans as the proportions just seem to large.

The worst athletic shoes I ever bought, My wife has worn these occasionally and in a matter off two months they are already RIPPED… I am questioning the legitimacy of the brand… either Patagonia’s product are low quality or Woot is selling some fake Chinese Patagonia…