Pavi Napa Valley Dolcetto (12)

Pavi Napa Valley Dolcetto Case
$71.99 $240.00 70% off List Price
2005 Dolcetto, Napa Valley

they must really be hard pressed to get rid of this. The price just gets lower and lower.


Shipping to SC? Woot says yes; but checkout in Amazon said no.

i think its time to hibernate for summer

$6/bottle for a 2005 wine? What’s wrong with it?

Absolutely nothing, I’ve gone in on it twice earlier.

There’s not a lot wrong with this wine for $6 a bottle. It drinks like a $10 bottle. It’s a little one-note and doesn’t have the smoothness or finish you might expect from a nice aged wine. It is very drinkable, though.

If you’re expecting the bargain of the year or something as impressive as some of the 2000s Andantes or similar, this isn’t that. It’s a good deal, but not an amazing one.

Ordered this one last time. One of the 2005 was bad and undrinkable which made us afraid to open the rest until recently. The others were fine. I don’t remember anything particularly great about it though. Very boring.

This would probably be perfect for those who like to cook with wine and sip a little on the side…

Ship to Ohio? Says yes, but Amazon says no. Fix that?

Tried to get 3 to Ohio = No with using Amazon account
Tried to get 3 to Ohio = No with using woot which makes you then use Amazon to check out.

Still broken.

Maybe to early to buy wine from woot on a Sunday?

I like to drink and cook a little on the side.:wink: Bought this twice. Perfect addition for a beef stew or chili. And certainly drinkable on its own but as others have said-- keep your expectations realistic. I would not be disappointed if I picked it up at market on the way home and paid 9 or 10 dollars for it.

The last deal was $3 more, but was a 2005-08 vertical with a couple of 09s thrown in to replace the 06s. That was a great deal for a decent everyday/pizza wine.

But a full case of 11 yo dolcettos makes me nervous. How much longer can they last?

This winery can ship to Maryland, but woot isn’t allowing orders to there either.

Bought the vertical case last time and really liked it. We just had our last 2005 on Friday. It was just fine.

Disappointed that this cannot ship to NC this time. I wonder why.

Open the bottle of the 2005 by coincidence two nights ago. It took at least an hour and a half to open up. It was pretty bracing for the first hour or so, but into the second glass it was quite pleasant.

For the next one, I think I’d run it through the blender to thoroughly aerate it before drinking.

I’ve had 4 cases of the vertical mix and liked it all so far, just had an 05 last week & my first 2009 bottle this week. Not sure I want a whole case of 2005 though. Think I’ll watch this today, maybe they’ll run low and sub some 2009’s at the end.

Any NJ folks interested in a split?