Pet Feeding & Training

Can you purchase multiple units and connect them together to create one larger area? Looks like the parts just snap together, so I would assume so. Anyone know for sure?

Yes, this pen is super simple to assemble. Each panel is connected with the rod that slides right in.

Does that mean the 4 panels of one of these pens could be connected in such a way as to form more of a fence, by leaving the first and last piece disconnected from one another?

Poor doggie, what’d he do to have to go to doggie jail?

Undoubtedly, pooped on the floor.

The gates are $69.99 at the mother ship, in for 3. One for each bedroom, to keep our bad dawg out of the rooms he ought not be roaming into.

That’s Gavin. He’s not in jail. He’s being a model.

This was posted in an earlier sale by a Woot staffer:

so out of 6 possible items in this sale, 3 of them are training pads, training pads, change pad holder… Best commercial to get a cat ever!

Plastic… ahaha you don’t know my dog.