Philips 32” 720p LCD HDTV Over 4 stars at Amazon.

I bought this refurb the last time it was offered on Sellout Woot. It’s perfect, great deal.

1080p version on Amazon is selling for $387… on a 32" TV, 720p vs. 1080p will be hardly noticeable unless you’re watching Blu-Ray, so this seems like a steal as well. Especially considering refurbs often undergo a more rigorous evaluation than new TVs.

Before everyone starts complaining about 720p Take a look at that.

If your only watching the news this would be a good TV for you. If you want to watch anything with action (E.G. Sports, video games, action movies) then don’t get this TV. By spending about $100 or so more you could get a better brand with a higher refresh rate for better picture quality. Think about it, this is something you will be looking at for a while, you might as well go all out and get something you’ll love

wondering how well this will work for my laptop, both for movies and gaming (and of course Electric Sheep)

Here is a totally unhelpful video review of the Phillips 32" 720p LCD HDTV, complete with some really bad computer-made music.

Happy Mother’s Day!

720 = blah monitor.

Just as an FYI, I ordered one from sellout 4/13, received it on 4/22. Discovered a set of dead pixels or something along those lines (vertical bar not working) called them (Philips) for a replacement, they sent one 4/28, arrived 5/5 with a cracked screen. I’m still waiting on a working unit, and it won’t be until Wednesday or Thursday next week until they ship another.

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Before everyone starts trashing the 720p. Here is when it matters:

For 720p (1280×720) resolution, you must sit 6 feet or closer for full benefit.

Based on this calculator.

If the graphics card in the PC allows you to match the resolution its not too bad to use to watch movies on etc. I have a 720p HD70 projector connected to my HTPC and it is perfectly usable. It has to be set at the same resolution, allowing the TV/Monitor to scale either a higher or lower resolution to it will result in horrible picture with barely readable text.

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For those of you who buy, here’s the most universally acclaimed wall mount for 32" flatscreens out there.

If you read the article that graph is contained in, it states that it assumes the eye has 20/20 vision. I don’t know if my terrible vision would affect it any.

Weird, the Woot site lists the square trade @ $32, but when you go to actually purchase it, its $5 more.

720p = bad deal. Post all the sock puppets you want Amazon.

Yup. Even more reason why most people would be perfectly happy with a 720p set in their use.

There are other rare instances when 720p is better like some streaming media looks better in 720 than 1080p because it has less artifacts due to the fact they had to compress it less to fit the bandwidth requirements. Many 720p cheap video cameras are better quality than their cheap 1080p counterparts for that reason.


Ooops :wink: Great minds think alike?