Philips SoundBar DVD Home Theater with Ambisound

Got it last time on woot, non woot off for about $40 more. Great price, great sound (seriously AWESOME, ambisound benefit is debatable, but definitely discernible). The door on mine does have some issues though and one the “P” in phillips is rubbed out (careful of refurbs). None the less, a very good deal.

Would be nice except the Soundstage HD was only $99 and the philips DVD player was $30. This leaves $70 to get a decent sub.

This is actually a decent setup, recommend it for anyone who needs good sounds for a reasonable price.


aww to bad i’m broke, father needs one of these.




I was going to ask the same thing! It’s definitely throwing off my Woot-Off groove.

As soon as you walk away for 2 minutes.

Well, that usually works for me anyway.

woot-off killer, back to work.

Damn, just missed out on the Frisbee…

a great website to kill time with during the wootoff killers

no HDMI in?

Not the upskirt I had in mind…please save me!

So, what kind of drinks do they serve at a soundbar?

Ooh, they get things moving with a slew of cheap-o items, then slam us with this $200 item that they have a ton of.


Lets take predictions on when the BOC is coming up…