Philips SoundBar DVD Home Theater with Ambisound



Decent brand.

Reviews here. The price is pretty good. At $150 they’d move a lot faster.

If this comes with a Roomba…I’m in!

aww we gotta supply the movie music and popcorn? no deal then



woot-off killer

Tuner, this is not.

A bit too pricy for me :-\

if only it came with the ipod!

Love me!

So are the bars broken or what?

I was one of the two people that bought this during the last woot off. It was dead on arrival.

Good news is Philips said they will replace it.

Bad news is it has been about a month and they still haven’t!

in for 3, this shit owns

whennn is GUPPPY???

Goes for about $260, so it’s not a bad deal.

I’ve got a true 5.1 system already set up though, so this is really unnecessary.