Pickled Pink Sweet & Jalapeno Pickles (5)

Pickled Pink Sweet Gourmet & Jalapeno Pickles 5-Pack
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$31.99 $49.00 35% off List Price
(3) - Pickled Pink Sweet Gourmet Pickles, 16 oz. Jar
(2) - Pickled Pink Gourmet Jalapeno Pickles, 16 oz. Jar

Title and cover photo say 5 pack and features say 2 jars?

It’s common core math. :slight_smile:

Is it five or two jars? Doesn’t anybody bother to read these postings before putting them up?

I’m guessing it’s a typo, because Amazon sells the 2 pack for around $14.00 and the 6 pack for around $50.00. So, I can only surmise that it’s either the combo 6 pack with 3 of each, or a combo 5 pack with 3 of the sweet and 2 of the spicy.

Patiently waiting on price per pickle math.

Do you think the spicy ones are a bit pricier than the sweet ones or vice versa? lol Might be hard to calculate for the average Joe, let’s leave it to the experts!

They use jalapeno extract instead of whole jalapenos? And call themselves gourmet? Well, at least they are using sugar and not high fructose corn syrup (although why a spicy pickle has sugar in it I don’t know).
Probably won’t beat the small batch habareno pickles I had a couple of years ago.

It has GOT to be 5 jars at this price. Absolutely ridiculous price for just 2, and still a bit high-priced (certainly not a great deal, anyway
) even at 5 jars for “specialty” pickles, if these are worth that title.

(For myself, I often buy good quality sweet pickle chips and add some jalapeno, habanero and/or Carolina reaper powder and let 'em sit in the fridge for a while for some sweet heat!)

Sorry about that. It’s 3 jars of the Sweet Pickles, and 2 Jars of the Jalapeno Pickles.

You will get 3 jars of Sweet Gourmet Pickles, and 2 jars of Gourmet Jalapeno Pickles…hope that clears it up…



We also do sell a Jalapeno Pepper product as well as one of our items. This pack has our Jalapeno Infused Cucumber Pickle in it…and just as much heat as a pepper too! Thanks…

I believe it’s about $0.24 / pickle

These appear to be slices not whole pickles. Looking at the pictures it says serving size 1oz equals 2 slices 12 servings per jar for the sweet and 16 for the jalepeno.

Are they whole pickles or slices?

Or are they whole slices?

Very true and you are correct. I guess I could have explained it better with my verbiage. They look like jalapeno slices, and it does say slice on the serving size

Thick slices (3/8" to 1/2") each