Pirate Exercise

Weird, I thought the artist said the shirt was brown. O.o I wonder how this will sell, it’s been a while since a pirate shirt.

Congrats on the come from behind win :slight_smile:

so glad this made it over the bacon shirt!

congrats, toby!!


I was hoping for the Bacon shirt :frowning: My life is over

While I’m ecstatic that ramy and seki didn’t sweep the derby, or that haxrox’s got squeezed out of 3rd, I’m not really impressed with the stickfigure pirates on this one.

I think it would have been more humorous had the frames actually shown a portly pirate suffering those exercises.

YAY! in for 1!

the dang advertisement is in the way of the picture. I can’t read the bottom b/c of it.

Edit: It must have just been that one advertisement b/c now it’s fine.

Yeah pirates tend to do that… Thats why I’m not getting this shirt

If you voted for bacon, none of us miss you already.

no man… that’s NINJAS.

I too was hoping for the bacon shirt.

not in for this pirate …thing.

I bought the first two but this one I dispise

I think this one was my favorite idea in the derby. I was cheering it on in the fog. Congrats!

Sigh…dinosaurs,a hamster with a "that’s what she said joke, pirates, and bacon.

R.I.P thoughtfulness and originality. :frowning:

Can I hope that after this we can expect a Pirate Exorsism?

Shouldn’t that be Pint Curls?

which is wise of you. Well, wise as far as buying the first two can bring you.

But the Bacon one was worse. By a lot.

Ninjas sneak up from behind and kill!!! Pirates on the other hand are out at sea for months on end and usually sneak up from behind for other reason that arnt cool