Plastic Storage Cabinets by Akro Mils

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Plastic Storage Cabinets by Akro Mils
Price: $29.99 - 39.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Nov 10 to Monday, Nov 13) + transit
Condition: New


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Larger one is only $32 on Amazon for black and $28 for red. This is a terrible deal. I’ve bought the two pack red ones on woot before when they were a good deal and they are an outstanding product.

[MOD: Those are for single units. We’re selling sets.]

Yeah… but it’s for TWO or FOUR of them… not per piece like the prices you listed.

Wow. These ‘this is a terrible deal’ early comments are so consistent, and their mistakes so obvious, I’m starting to wonder if they’re bots or shills?

man! I JUST bought my second one of these about 2 weeks ago :frowning: I paid that much for one of them! I use mine for seed storage and organization.

I swear it didn’t say sets first thing this morning. I mean, I’ve already bought two sets (4 total) from woot in the past and I’ve been waiting for this to pop up again. (although now they’re a different color and won’t match)

It did when I previewed the sale yesterday an hour before it went live. :tongue:

I can’t argue with that. No more Wooting before coffee for me!

Is the color really white for these storage cabinets? I saw Akro-Mils only lists black and red/gray on their website, no white. I wanted to see how they looked alongside black ones.

Still not a great deal. $19.98 for 44 drawer at local home improvement store starting with letter “M”. Bought one last week.

Wow… I should have just gone to a retail store and bought them there. Nowhere in the description did you note that these wouldn’t be shipping until AFTER THANKSGIVING.

I come to woot to save a few bucks on things and still get them in a reasonable time. I could have direct-ordered from China for less if I’d known it was going to take several weeks to ship in either case.

This may be my last woot…

Mine with 44 drawers arrived today. They have “The Container Store” molded in the plastic where the sample images show Akro Mils. No biggie, but interesting.

Yes, mine too (26 drawer). Here it is at TCS:

Hi there. So, we knew they were from a deal that The Container Store backed out out. What we didn’t know is that they would be stamped with their name.

Same items, different stamp.

Guess why we got a good price?