Playstation 3 Premier -- What are your thoughts?

So what do people think about the Playstation 3? Hate it? Love it? Want it? Feel free to discuss anything and everything about the PS3 here. It sure seems to be a hot ticket item for this holiday season. There are a lot of people on eBay who have pre-ordered units and are selling the vouchers for them. Some as much as $4,000. I did start this post because I do have one for sale and thought this might possibly be a good place to find a buyer. But I’m also interested in seeing what people have to say about it. As long as everyone abides by the forum rules, feel free to state your mind. And if you might be interested in buying the one I have, please PM me. Thanks. :slight_smile:

PS3 - over-priced, over-hyped, under-produced, under-delivered . . . people are stupid.

I agree with Gman.

I want one. I could have had one.

I guess I didn’t want one that bad.

i know someone on here sold one for $1800+

i’m not usually all that impressed with PS games… the only time I really liked the PS2 was when it was better than everyone else’s console at the time, but then the xbox and gamecube came out and i lost all interest in PS2s… i don’t think the PS3 will be any better…

[quote user=“jqubed”]

i know someone on here sold one for $1800+

Exactly. I look at it as an opportunity to make a lot, a lot of money.

The Walmart here told my friends and I, 5min before sell time, that they hadn’t recieved their ps3 shipment. Yeah all that waiting, and dreaming of eBay for nothing.

Heh…its funny…wll…sort of, I’m easy to be entertained. xD, I saw a news segment on Fox, a guy got robbed while camping at best buy. another refused to pay and were shot, and riot started in somewhere in California and a guy got trembled poor guy, this is what I’ve heard so far…I’m sure that there will be more…

that’s crazy

Playstation 3? It’s over. Over priced, over hyped, and over rated.

I’ll be getting mines whenever the price drops

Wow, never heard truer words. I hate all playstations anyway, so I’m happy w/ anything non-playstation related.

That is what my son thinks. He sold his playstation and has no interest in the new one.

they don’t get enough good games that are unique to the system