Pokemon Game Chat (PoGo, Let's Go, et al)



Speaking of Pokeball Plus, thanks! Caught this guy while attempting to keep my kids from destroying shopping at Target.


sweet catch! I managed a beldum and a pikachu this evening. took a 2nd trip to the mall tonight just to get some steps in and catch some pokemon.

@cwolfpack3 - I had a friend who’s son also learned to read because of pokemon. his dad got tired of reading the game to him so that’s what finally got him to read! my oldest got hooked on pokemon in kindergarten. it’s what started his fascination with all things Japan. I sometimes blame pokemon for his move to Japan! being my first, I watched the show with him, and we have a ton of the toys. and every time we went to Disney World my kids bought more pokemon plushies at the Japan store. my boys got me started on Pokemon Go and now I play more than they do!


Sweet Mareep! I think the lucky Muk is my favorite so far, because it’s rainbow colored, and I love the hot pink shiny Magby I hatched recently. It just evolved to Magmar a few days ago.


Wow, did anyone else catch a bunch of shinies this weekend?? I had four or five and now I’ve got 11. The shiny Eevee is so cute and I’m afraid to evolve him. How could I ever choose which Eeveelution I’d want? I’d need many more shiny Eevees so I could have one of each!


That muk is technically not shiny. I think that’s considered an Alola form. I have a perfect IV of that guy I’m just hanging on to.

That magmar though. That guy is sexy… in an awesome shiny pokemon kind of way…


I ended up with 3 total shinies for the weekend: Mareep, Eevee, and Beldum. They all have less than ideal IV’s but I’m excited.

I eveolved my first shiny Eevee to Espeon because I hadn’t done the name trick yet and knew I would get espeon (green instead of black pink). I was dumb and used my umbreon evolve so now I’m going to have to walk this bad boy to get him to evolve into a shiny umbreon (black/blue instead of black/yellow).


I had quite a bit of shiny luck this weekend. Got 4 in in like an hour.

Charmander x 3

and a Lucky Muk as well. We did some walking this weekend which helped.

PS: And just hatched a white Vulpix.


hi all. first tyme poster. MY friend code: 6762 4283 2615. lvl 37. mystic.


I threw a ball at one yellow fire-tail looking thing. I think I got it.
I have 600 points.


Is your in game name the same as your name here?


OK. I walked around 1/2 a block (we have big blocks here, but it’s 39 degrees out).

I now have thrown balls at 4 of those suckers!
And… I found where it lists my monsters.
Gulpin, Spinarak, Bulbasaur & Charmander.
Can’t find where it lists my points now…


I’ve noticed that I’m more inclined to walk then when I didn’t have pokemon on my phone. I guess that’s good, right?


I’ve only Poke’ed for 1 1/2 days now.
This may get me to walk a bit more… We’ll see, but I did speed up looking for those darn things!


Then, if you’re like me, you run out of balls because my throwing sucks. :sob:


Oh… I only have so many balls to use?
Didn’t know that.

edit… Can’t find where it says how many throwing balls I have left…


Click on the Pokeball at the bottom center then choose Items. Scroll through and it will tell you how many balls you have.

Or you can look when you’re trying to catch a pokemon. It’ll show the number of balls next to the one you’re throwing. When you get to a higher level, you get better balls for 3 types total.



Pokémon for People Named Dave


Hmmm… Putting my beer down…
Under ‘items’, it says Poke Ball x72.
incense x2.

One thing, I got the 4 poke-things with 4 balls.
It’s very much like the ‘Can Knockdown’ game on my phone for throwing.


LOL… That was the BASICS? Holy Moly!!!

I just want to throw balls at monsters for now I think…
Thank You!! … quietly exits room…


I walk way more now. like WAY more.