Portable Wine Cellar

No bag of Crap?

Very well said my friend!! as someone who has been through many woot offs as well, and I remember the server crashes. I have to commend woot for all of the hard work and dedication to keeping the product and site fresh. Now, if we could only do something about all of the noobs.


Who do you work for Yahoo or Woot? Yahoo and Woot made a deal …I never said that either one owned the other. You should think before you open your trap!!

I watched a 2 hour movie. I guess I did not miss anything…

Maybe the bags all say wine on them cause w00t knew we’d … “whine” about it?

ah hah…ah hah…haa HAHAHAAAA




hmm. makes sense :smiley:

I’m sorry if I interpreted your post wrong, but I inferred that you said Yahoo was influencing how this Woot!Off was ran. Which would not be the case.

I apologize if I mis-understood what you read, but that is how it appeared to me.

And I work for a graphic design and print shop, so neither Woot or Yahoo :wink:

Anyone know why the item: SanDisk Sansa M240 1GB MP3 Player w/ FM Tuner isn’t showing up in the list of items that were sold today?

^^^ Ban the spammer

Anyone that bought wine cellars I’ll buy them from you for whatever you paid and pay shipping to me if you dont want them…

Amazing that the ones who whine about BOCs can’t recognize them when they see them.

Wow. For once, it’s a woot-off I’m glad I missed.

ooohh! ill do that!
kk thx! =]

Well the dogs are barking…and I need to feed the pigs. Wife said the washing maching was vibrating and about to fall off the porch…so I guess I had better go…See Yall at the next woot off

Now that things have settled down again, I’ll post to see if anyone might have a suggestion.

I bought one set of 10 bags, and my order seemd to go through fine. I never received email confirmation from Woot. (At least not yet) I do however, have an email from Paypal saying that I’ve paid.

Just wondering if there is a log jam of confirmation emails in cyberspace or what. :slight_smile:

thats something that only woot can answer.

Done already? Woot, where’s the Slingbox??!!! :frowning:

I would say wait a little bit. Give the servers the rest of the night to breathe and catch up. Check your account to see if the order went through. If things haven’t moved anymore by morning, Shoot and an email to Woot! and I’m sure they’ll take care of it on Monday and make things right.

I just received my confirmation email.