Post pictures of your adorable pets!

Everyone has adorable pets! This thread is all about posting pictures of them! I don’t know if there’s already a thread for this or not, but I did a search and it didn’t seem very easy-to-get-to if there is. I’ll even start. This is Tiger, my older cat:

Anyone else have adorable pets?

My owner bought me a woot so I can vote for all the pussy-related derby entries!

And my picture is in my signature!

My Hamster, Freddie Mercury:

Cotton and Cookie


and Bandit

and Noodle


Mr. Wrinkles, dog of my dreams

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First one is Splinter, bought by my son, who went off to college and left him with me.
I became the second rat in his life.

Then, when he died, I got Gerold and Basil, who are the cheese pic.
They can be each others rat. I’m going to try to stay a bit removed since they only live about 2 years.

As for the dog who will never be…hubby is telling people who ask, that I’m getting a dog.
That is the most progress I’ve made with him in 30 years!

Also, son has been adopted by a cat. The cat seems to have belonged to the kids who rented the house last year. The must have just stuck him outside and moved.
There are a bunch of kids in the house, but son seems to have been the one the cat likes.
He claims he is bringing the cat home after graduation…I have to see if a outdoor cat can become a indoor cat, before I agree to this.

I’m sure he’ll be glad to see gerold and basil.

this was clucky. she was delicious.

Aja with her little sheepie toy.

If you check the thread for shirt pictures, here’s my two models. Wiley, of course, is the little white mystery dog; Hillary is the Yorkie. They’re both rescue dogs. Hillary had been a breeder at a puppy mill and Wiley had been severely mistreated, adopted, and returned before I got him.
Adder, great idea on starting this thread. Thank you.

By agrant311, shot with KODAK DX6340 ZOOM DIGITAL CAMERA at 2008-08-30

This is my new favorite thread :slight_smile:
Bella is on the left, Baron is on the right.

this is jasper. some of you have probably seen him since he’s in the shirt thread somewhere wearing finkster. in this pic he’s licking the anvil we got in a bag of crap

and booper, gotta love the cherry coke in the background!

This is Lucky, whom we adopted from a rescue organization a couple of months ago.

I approve this name.

Melbourne the bird:

No1 we need Sampson censored again.

Fen, animal’s don’t wear clothes. Their “parts” sometimes show.

Pictures stolen from misfits thread…because it is easier

Why can your pets eat my pets?

That dog picture is crude and vulgar, and we should not have to look at it.

you forgot the R