Post pictures of your adorable pets!

The world has gone insane. We can’t even look at a picture of a dog just sitting there.

Hi gwp! How has the dog been? Not sure I’ve seen him since graduation.

So don’t.

He’s a good boy. (Mostly) He and the cats are best friends, especially Callie, his girlfriend. She sleeps next to his crate at night, and the first thing he does in the morning is to find her to say good morning. It’s sticky sweet how cute they are together. He could swallow her in two gulps if he wanted to, but he’s very, very gentle with her.

He’s about 80 pounds now, and still lays in my lap to watch TV every night. Such a baby.

My son has been adopted by a cat. He claims he is bringing it home when he graduates.
I hope the rats survive!
There is a slight chance we will be a 4 furry pet family by next summer.
Or not.
Guess time will tell.

Okay, dogs have parts. They show in pictures sometimes. They also lick themselves, pee and poo in public with people watching. If you’re the pervert and the first thing you check out are the dogs’ parts, something is wrong with you. Probably 1/4 of the pictures on shows a doggie part (not on purpose). People don’t complain there because as dog and cat owners, that’s just a part of it. Grow up.
I just had to throw in my two cents to this.

I looked at the pics twice, once myself and once with my daughter, and I didn’t even notice any problem with his “parts.”

gwp, please don’t delete all the pics! They were cute!

I believe what Fen was referring to is the little black box that KillingTime would always put over any dog whose picture showed his maleness. She couldn’t stand it and would repost the picture with a black box over the offending part. It became a joke and we would often put the box on ourselves before posting. I even put one in my sig for her to use:

Some still do it for fun. Now what Rain was talking about, I have to no idea. So GWP and others, post your pictures in all their doggie maleness.

This is Maisy (orange/white) and Trixie (black/white). RIP Trixie.

AGrant311, thanks for the link to The kids and I had a great time looking at the pics, especially the ones of Wiley and Hillary!


Those are great pics!Thanks for posting them.

I remember the Tessa carving now…that was a great story!

The Dude is trying to escape and Spongebob is trying to help. They are participating in No-pants Friday.



Duder underwater:

My chinchillas!!!

Baja (“ba-ha”)

Should be getting another set of photos of them soon. They’re in Michigan and I miss them. T_T;

Dusty, “GImme a goodie!”

“Run away! Hahahahah!”

Dusty’s really smart and happens to dislike most people and cameras in particular.

I wasn’t aware that turtles could cooperate in an escape plan.
I wonder what else they can do?

they can also stack:


You know, coincidentally, I had a cat named Callie. She stayed outside mostly tho, and she lived for quite a while too.

i check every day myself. i’ve been contemplating throwing jasper on stuffonmymutt, but not sure what i could put on him that he would be OK with long enough for me to get a pic. plus he has those big brown eyes that look at you pathetically when you embarrass him, so i have frequent guilt trips

ps, love the chinchillas! always wanted one

Here is Trixie napping with her blankie on her favorite perch.

I hope I can figure out how to do this right, cuz I love to show off my kitties!

EDIT: Sorry for the largeness of the pics. I tried to figure out how to resize them in photobucket, but I guess I didn’t get it right. Can anyone tell me how to make these smaller? p.s. Enjoy my lovely cats!

Borg and Abbott (R.I.P.): They look a lot alike.

Iris: The little lady

Resin: Big and black

Zeppelin: R.I.P.

My pound puppy Kassey. She’s officially listed as a german shepard mix, but there’s obviously some chow in there too, and we think some border collie.

Cymbaline as a kitten.


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