PWA: Secretly Cataloging Personal Info


I’m sorry dave bug, I had to go with it.


we promise not to, umm, compile it into one post.


I’m just waiting for the moment he asks me to change the name…which I will…its just kinda funny at the moment.


Hmmm . . . must be the editorial “we.”


Or compost it into one pile!!!


Oh good lord!

Couldn’t you have added some nuance to it? Like “Spies Like Us?”


I could have, but would that have changed things?


Yeah!! Then it would have had nuance!!!




I vote for Gman to start the next PWA!


Personally, I applaude Dave Bug. I was feeling increased pressure to divulge my age, location, astrological sign, as well as blood type and GPS location.


You needn’t bother; we already have that info . . .


Remember talking about english majors and grammar peeves?

Taken from today’s Wednesday Web Woundup:

“You’re life’s a mess.”


Yeah . . . who uses “mess” anymore, except maybe the Army?!? ;-D


Wow. He must be tired. That is so very un-Toon-like!


Since this so rarely happens to me…

First Page!!!


I suspect an amended sentence is at the root of the error . . .


So, technically, t’keeper had last post in the previous thread.


Perhaps not. I find myself having to correct that very error frequently. I tend to type your and you’re pretty interchangeably. Most times I notice and am able to correct the error before it gets out of my control. Sometimes it gets into the wrong hands and I have to endure some good natured harrassment over the issue. :expressionless:


Already fixed. And you guys think they don’t read the forums! :stuck_out_tongue:


first page

no personal info

why am I in such a mood today

guess it musta been that house that got dropped on my sister