PWA: Welcome back, my friends, to the thread that never ends!

AZ wins one!

they really need to work on their bugs. Its like they deny that they have bugs in their system.


First Page!

Second post!

Cruzer, did you ever ask why they deleted the whole thread?

Thank-you, cruzer . . . in more ways than one.

This was my favorite name.

At least the previous one is still readable.

Yeah, they’ve kinda cheaped out on the fun end of woot . . .

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack. Hope you didn’t mess the old place up after Tall4 went to sleep.

Good name, Cruzer.

Bought many wondrous things - four potholders and a half a ham.

Sounds better than four hams and half a potholder!!!

The BCS standings are a joke!


Haven’t seen 'em . . .

Where did you go?

Well, she said she was going shopping . . . apparently she shopped cuz she has four hams a part of a potholder!!!

First to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Potholders were $6 each. Just couldn’t cope with that. Went to Target. Two for $5. I like to wander around BB&B, though. Does anyone have one of those bullet thingies? “As seen on TV”

Time to head for the in-laws . . . see y’all tomorrow.

They are a joke as usual.

Do you have one?


Heh. I want one of those things. Of course at an amazing price…

Never mind, two different confersations.