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another one in the books.

Congrats on “LP” Czardastx!


Woo-hoo! First page.


Third post, first page


Welcome home PWAs~!


damn the BAD String trunking!


Eh, you can see the whole title while composing your post. :slight_smile:

Nice new digs here. :happy:


Hello whores, nice new place here. Don’t use it up too quick!


Yeah, right.


Think AZG will come back now that it’s a new thread?


Any fun plans for the weekend anyone?


That’s what he said, but it’s prolly book reading time for him.


I’m going to help move a piano.


He’s gonna have to transition to night posting so he is ready to stay up for his graveyard shifts next week… I hope the week of nights doesn’t make him grumpy; I’m gonna be in his area next weekend. He better be sociable! :tongue:


LOL, just feed him ice cream sammiches and MGD, he’ll mellow out.


Upright or grand? Either way, it’s a big job… I hope you’re getting some good beer after! :slight_smile:


I really don’t think those should be consumed together. blech.


Am I allowed to rant yet, or should I wait a few pages?


Rant away. You’ll feel better if you let it out. :slight_smile:


Thank you. Went to Sears today. Poofguy’s nephew’s getting married and they’re registered at Sears and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Just figured they’d get more for the buck at Sears. Printed out the registry sheet and started hunting. All pots, pans, dishes, sheets, towels, et cetera is on the second floor. Was planning on towels and so on for a shower gift and there was a drill bit set I was going to get for a wedding gift. Had a problem finding the corresponding bar code numbers for the towels, so figured I’d get some help. There was ONE salesperson on the entire floor and she couldn’t leave her register. ONE! For the first time in my life I went to a store manager and complained. She inferred that if they had registered more than 60 days ago, the towels had probably been on sale and were gone. She couldn’t quite grasp the concept that I was complaining about the fact that there was only ONE salesperson for an entire floor of a stoor. I left.


The couple whose wedding I was in in July registered at Sears also. I ended up doing their wedding gift from the website because they didn’t have several of the items at the mall. Very frustrating. You would think they could keep registry things in stock!

edit: don’t know what happened there, but I only saw half your post at first…