PWA - The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas


hahaha, I hope they don’t hate this title

and texas because woot is based in texas…


Yeah, yeah, we know who’s based in Texas.

Congratulations on locking the other thread.
Looking around Looks pretty nice. * Settling in* Feels nice, too.
Good job.


Why am I always someplace else when the thread closes :frowning:
Hi Cruzer! Did you get last post?


First page!!!


If i stuck around and read two more posts I could have been a contender!

Stupid laundry. Well now I’m going to take a nap!


Put her on probation right now!


last post!!


yeesh…new thread and you all leave!


Well, we’ve been here all morning. AZ, gpw, D’name, Tall4, Lynn, me. Where were you?


Guess who didn’t get last post…

ha ha!

Ok, it is offical, poof has turned me into a kindergartener!


What a bunch of horse hockey . . . is that how PWA threads are gonna end now? <snicker>


No, Poof didn’t do it.


have they ever ended differently?


yes poof did :slight_smile:


Used to be pretty random; no warning . . . this takes the fun out of it!!


it was never random…it was always some time after 200 pages…


Gimma always warned us, you are talking about when we had to wait for the woot gods to get in on Monday.

What a whiner. As long as it was just us trying and Poof didn’t get it again, I’m happy!


Whatever . . .


Sour grapes! She’s not really happy, she wanted it herself.


But I agree, I think we asked before, no warnings. Even if it closed at 198, it would be okay. Random chance.