PowerBlock Personal Trainer Set

PowerBlock Personal Trainer Set

Great set and perfect for p90x and other BeachBody type programs. $239.99 is consistently the best price on these. Hold out for the Elite series available on Woot from time to time if you need the ability to add the expansion packs to exceed the 50 lb per dumbell limit.

Don’t buy the stand, build your own!

This was my first Woot. In fact, I only happened to stumble upon Woot by chance when the listing for these showed up as the lowest price on a Google shopping listing. Without the PowerBlock Personal Trainers, @mydearWootson would not exist!

How did you find Woot? What was your first Woot? ( How long until @ThunderThighs moves this post to another thread? )

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Why would I move it? It’s perfectly on topic. :w_happy2:

Is this set expandable to the 70lb and 90lb?

I would be perfectly happy with 50lbs per dumbbell I do believe. You sir are a beast.

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No, the Personal Trainers are not expandable. The PowerBlock Elites, available on Woot from time to time, are.

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Thanks for the quick reply

I narcissistically assumed that my questions (below) would hijack the thread.

The 50s are just fine for me! My sun’s’-out, guns-out brother, on the other hand, opted for the Elites so he can upgrade.

It says set in the description header but then in specs shows 1 dumbbell in box. I know they both come in their own box but want to ensure this is for a set of 2.

Per the features…

  • Pair of adjustable dumbbell weights for efficient, cost-effective strength training