Prestige Bidet Toilet Seat, Elongated

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Prestige Bidet Toilet Seat, Elongated
Price: $279.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Feb 25 to Monday, Mar 02) + transit
Condition: New


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Bidets AGAIN? Is Woot determined to waterpick every American anus?

I’m a little wary of that “Turbo” icon.

Perfect Review over at

As opposed to the “Massage” one?

Curse you woot for putting this in “Tools and Garden”. The last time I installed one of these in the garden my HOA was NOT HAPPY!

I’m trying to figure out why every american wouldn’t WANT their anus waterpicked.

I don’t like the tank heating system, but otherwise this is a great feature set for the price. Bio Bidet has the best warranty in the business.

Another 90 day wonder gadget.

If your religious at all picture this: Your looking at your maker at the end of your life and he/she ask you to explain why you bought a water pic for your anus rather then helping your fellow man with the same funds. Should be an interesting discussion.

I’m a little worried about quality when the first word of the installation manual has a typo:

It’s his/her flawed design that requires me to water pic my anus. Is this defecation system really the best he/she could come up with?

…Because SO much of the crap we buy here on woot is justifiable to a supreme being (who probably gets this kind of stuff wholesale). (“But sir, the BlueAnt PUMP Waterproof Bluetooth Sportbuds WERE a necessity! I mean, I sweat…and stuff…”)

I don’t have a bidet but I covet it. Best explanation I heard was: You have a baby. You have a choice of wiping their tush with a dry wipe or a wet wipe. Which do you choose? Why on earth would you want to use only dry wipes on your own tush?

Brilliant point. FWIW I’ve had a Toto Washlet/Bidet for a little over ten years and it’s the best thing ever. Nobody who has never used one should talk about water picking their anus, because once they have, they’ll ever want to just use toilet paper again. Also, those of you on the east coast who are coveting your -18º weather will appreciate a heated toilet seat :slight_smile:

Pretty sure Leak Frogs are the key to the pearly gates.

I’ll wait for the refurbished ones.

Explain why you don’t like the tank heating system, if you would please.

I bet ya you bought one for yourself?

Been wanting a bidet for a while, then this deal popped up. Then I realized that I don’t have an electric outlet close to the toilet (the toilet is in its own section). I’m not handy enough to add an electric outlet myself, so I’d have to hire an electrician. Ah well. =(

Not an ideal situation, but I ran an extension cord (with a thin cord) behind the mirror in a bathroom guests don’t generally use. Because of the layout of my bathroom, it really isn’t particularly unsightly and it does work.

One of these days I’ll hire an electrician to install an outlet close to the toilet, but for now it works.