Proscan Tablets

Has anyone bought one of these?I bought one at big lots and the screen viewing angle was not very good. Was wondering if I got a bad one or if they all have bad screens. Let me know if you own one. Thanks

It seems a bit odd that the 9"-4GB and the 9"-8GB are the same price with no other differences I could find in the specs. Also, both say Android 4.2 in the Features but 4.1 in the specs.

Received one of the 7" tablets with case/keyboard in a bag of crap. Can’t comment much on the tablet since it was obviouly a broken return, but I was pleased to find that the keyboard works perfectly with both my Android and Windows tablets that have micro-usb ports.

When I bought 2 of these late 2013 they were $70 each for the 8", so you’re definitely getting a good deal here. They are cheap though, we broke one of the pin charging docks leaving one useless. The battery life is terrible, really bad. After 3 months we ditched them and moved on to refurbished Samsung and Apple.

I found it impossible to find a case so my kids beat the one working tablet up pretty good. They’re worth a try for being so cheap but just know they won’t last.

No, this isn’t a good deal. These are factory reconditioned electronics that are over two years old; they should be priced much lower than this.

You can find new tablets that run the latest version of Android, and have better screen resolution at around the same price as these.

Proscan tablets are poorly made,

7" model is garbage. Soft plastic screen is easily scratched and the low resolution can only be viewed straight on. 512Mb system RAM severely restricts the apps that can be loaded. Slow processor makes games unplayable and web browsing painful. Battery life is very short. Paid $69.99 for mine and even with a $70.00 rebate I paid too much. Don’t waste your time.