Pumpkin and Ghost

pretty cool!

Not bad, but the only way to get it before Halloween is by overnighting it?

Congrats, Shigwarm!

awesome, but I can’t see myself wearing this when it’s not halloween :frowning:

Cool, second arcade related tee in one week, cool Woot!!

condition: Feverish
product(s): 1 Black Woot Tee (4079)

It’s a shame this shirt won’t make it in time for halloween. Even with SmartPost so I’ve heard

Nice, was hoping for this :smiley: In for one!

how can you get this in time for 10/31 ?

F1rst shirt.woot! w00T! =D

Black + Once a year shirt + pac-man = win? No thanks woot. Maybe tomorrow!

so 10 bucks to where a shirt maybe once a year… dunno

Get next day shipping.

I’m debating on whether I want it. :frowning:

Very awesome. If I wasn’t personally against holiday-themed shirts (why have a shirt that you can only wear one month a year?) I would definitely get one.

pay the extra $5 for faster shipping

I’d wear it every day BUT Halloween.

wouldn’t the past tense of overnighted to overknit?

The circle should be the bigger one, hence why the ghost is running away. It wasn’t the worst (the moon gets that award) but there were much better designs.

Faster shipping option’s not showing up for me…:frowning:

nicely done – i absolutely love it!

it’s a fair dilemna for me as i want it terribly, but i only see wearing it once a year (maybe twice on those years like this one when there are parties on the weekends around halloween cuz it’s in the middle of the week!), and as such can’t quite justify the purchase…