No more Halloween shirts but brown???

Perfect shirt for all the female members…

if i had a girlfriend.

Reminds me of Marlo Thomas

not for me…

Chic shirt

is this an allusion to wonderbread?

I got one, i love colours like that. :]

I think this is the first time that seeing a “designer”'s website has made me like a shirt less. I sort of liked it before seeing what else the person had done.

awesome…but too plain, and i don’t like the circles having a general pattern. i like random craziness more

everyone’s mad that it’s not a halloween shirt but if it was no one would have it in time for halloween so that’s probably why.
this shirt is not very impressive though =(

to those of you asking for halloween shirts, why would you want a Halloween shirt that would arrive after Halloween?

Seriously, guys?! They were selling Halloween shirts for, like, the past week! Why would they sell a Halloween shirt today, when there would be no way you would get it until AFTER Halloween?

Dammit, I was too slow. lol.

That is neat, I like the machiny feel, why do the shirt colors look bad now?

It’s Halloween? Who the hell cares if you don’t get it “by Halloween” that’s not the point. Woot! generally does something “special” on Holidays. This is just a sad day in Woot! history.

20 minutes of F5 for this garbage.

Yeah I’m contemplating getting it.

Do you want a Halloween shirt you can get overnighted to arrive on Nov. 1 so you can hold on to it for 364 days? I think it is a nice design, better than the 3rd place finisher in the Halloween derby by a long shot.

I’d say it’s not gender specific.

thats a nice one … in for one

I waited forever to get in I thought it was a screaming monkey t shirt.
Circumlocution is this a repeat or did I see this at wally world yuck!