Pure Fitness Fan Bike

**Item: **Pure Fitness Fan Bike
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Take a peek at the Manual or some reviews from Wayfair

Two not so happy customers (1 out of 5 stars) over at kohls.com

Just so you are aware, according to the manual it states the weight limit on these is 220lbs.

Time to check out the product page


It’s a POS resistance cycle like every other $80 crap exercise bike out there.

There is a new trend in garbage Chinese fitness equipment circles to call resistnce bikes “fan bikes” - and there’s no fan invovled. It’s a spnning plastic disk with a friction strap.


Dealing with Wayfair right now because I was duped into buying one of these. Their response? You got exactly what we sold you.

Yep - same POS, different paint job. This seems to be a “Wayfair Special”.

I feel for those that have (and continue) to purchase.

I long for the days when this site didn’t foist junk on loyal customers.

Thank you! Was thinking of pulling the trigger. Now I am not!

Puffer, that is a different brand.

Yours is a Body Flex. While very similar, the seat, arms, controller are all different.



It sure didn’t look like our Schwinn Fan bike. Thanks for a heads up for the board. Ours is around 10 years old and we’ve all put many miles on it. It keeps running and running. W000T should have them on again hopefully.

We all have to do our research before buying including W000T. Posting as you two did helps too!

This Schwinn is on the main W000T page. I don’t have that style but it might be something to check out. http://www.woot.com/offers/schwinn-exercise-bike-upright-3

The only thing I see different is color. Was considering, now I’m not. Thanks.

They’ve changed the seat post - the rest is the same.

I would love for Woot! to offer a real fan bike - this was going to be a cheap replacement.
My biggest issue was dealing with Wayfair - they will never be getting another dime from me.

who would have thought buying a FAN BIKE from wayfair for 100 bucks would have turned out badly…next time buy an airdyne genius